IRSTax time is nearly upon us. While this may be cause for worry and frustration it doesn't have to be. Many federal income tax payers can file simply and easily this year from the comfort of their homes. While programs like Tax Cut offered by H&R Block and Turbo Tax offered by Jackson Hewitt have long been the tax software of choice for consumers there are some avenues that are free or low cost. There are elegibility requirements for these programs however they are a viable solution for low income families or tax payers who meet the income eligibility requirements.

e-File with IRS FreeFile

The IRS in partnership with Free File Alliance LLC, a group that develops private sector tax software, promotes a free file opportunity on the IRS website. If your income was below 56,000 in 2008 you qualify and are able to use the IRS Free File option. Using the IRS Free File is simple and easy. From the IRS Free File page choose the "I Will Find A Company" option at the bottom. After looking over the companies and their description of services choose one and begin your tax filing. It is important that you understand the company's eligibility requirements as you could be subject to a fee if you exceed the income limits. You will receive an acknowledgment file notifying you that you were rejected or accepted via the company you choose. The IRS Free File option supports tax payers who will be filing the tax forms 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. You can choose to have your refund direct deposited and like other online filing options you could receive your refund in 10 days. It is important to note that you will be notified when choosing a company that you are leaving the IRS website, this is completely normal and a part of the e-file process.

e-File with Tax Act

taxformsTax payers looking for a one shop stop solution can use Tax Act. This program is user friendly and similar to the other tax software available commercially. You can use Tax Act to file your federal taxes for free and use the low cost option for filing your state taxes. Tax Act software is tailored to what the consumer needs. Supporting the 1040,1040A and 1040EZ which can be filed for free and then adding other options at low cost. The software will help you find tax deductions and credits including the popular Home Buyer Tax Credit. If you need other services they are available for $10.00 or you can purchase the ultimate version of the software for $17.95. The ultimate version of Tax Act includes the state file for free with the purchase of the software.

e-File with Turbo Tax Freedome Edition

Turbo Tax a leader in commercially sold tax software is a sponsor in the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation The foundation is proud to offer the Intuit Tax Freedom Project which allows hard working Americans who meet an income eligibility to e-file their taxes for free. More than 20 million tax returns have been completed through the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition in the last 10 years. The Turbo Tax Freedom Edition software will be available in mid January of the current tax year.

e-File with County Extension Help

If you need personal tax help and meet income eligibility requirements there are resources within your state or county extension offices that can help. Many county extension offices will have a form of free tax preparation this year. Contact your county Department of Human Services, or your county extension office for help in your state.

e-File with State Tax Central

taxmoneyState Tax Central is a website that offers tax preparers answers to many commonly asked questions. You can locate your state on the map and use the headings to find the information you are looking for.You can find credits and tax incentives for your state as well as information on payroll and personal property tax.

Recover tax ganishments using File Form 8379 to Recover Tax Refun Losses.