I Want Free Stuff For MY Mobile Phone

The marriage of two great things at last! Cell phones and free stuff for your cell phones!  Everyone loves to get stuff free but very few know about the great free things that you can get for your Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson, Android and the iPhone series mobile phone. Yes, you’ve got it right, stuff and applications for your phone as it’s totally for free!

Here are some of the free applications that you could enjoy on your mobile phone—and I repeat it, it’s for free! But before that I just want to emphasize that the application experience isn’t the same on every phone. The right application varies with each type of mobile phone  that you own.

Free Stuff And Applications For Your iPhone!

For iPhone series there are lots of applications that you can use and it doesn’t even cost a cent. The Evernote 3.1.1, it is recommended for those people who easily forget a task or date of a special occasion. This app offers you several ways to keep your notes—including the text, voice and the photos—and it gives you an easy way to access them from any desktop. The simply interface makes it convenient to write down important to-dos, some locations, phone numbers or just anything that you might need some other time.

Next is the Facebook 3.03, like the usual page on the internet, you use this free application for communicating with friends and family. Facebook's iPhone application is the best version of mobile Facebook to date. This app lets you assign often-visited personal profiles or pages to your home page screens for easy access; you could also upload photos or videos in a snap. If you have an iPhone and Facebook account, there's no reason not to have this app. 

Are you a picture addict? Well, the best application for you is the Flicker 1.0.3. This apps lets you shoot, upload and tag you iPhone photos. It also let you to browse your very own photos, cycle through the recent activity by your family and friends and search for different photos that are being posted anywhere in the globe.

An application that is a combination of social networking, stalking and a real life video games, the Foursquare 1.4.2. With this app you could check if your Facebook and Twitter friends are at the places you’re hanging out.

These are just some of the free application that is available for your iPhone. There are lots more out there.


Free Stuff And Applications For Your Blackberry!

For Blackberry series, there are also lots of applications that you could get for free. It could be in different cluster like for example you’re the type of person who is always on the go and you want to always keep in touch with your family and friends, and then what you need is an application for instant messaging. With these free instant messaging apps for BlackBerry, you'll never be out of touch. From BlackBerry Messenger to Google Talk, you'll be able to chat with your contacts no matter where you are. To be specific, with the application Nimbuzz, through this, you could combine your accounts from popular instant messaging and Social Networks.

There are also apps that will keep you active in your social networking sites. While you're on your BlackBerry, you'll want to keep up with everything. Thankfully, there are loads of free social networking apps to keep you informed. From Facebook to Twitter, you can stay in the loop wherever you go. To be specific is the UberTwitter 0.925; it seems to have a perpetual free beta program going. It hits all the right Twitter notes - it supports location, photo attachments, searches, timelines, trending topics, and even does a neat trick by trying to find users Tweeting who are physically near you.

If you’re the traveler type of person, you need an application that will help you find the right directions to a certain place, whether it’s movie theatre or a pizza parlor. Like the Poynt this is an unusual elegant local-search application that uses multiple data sources to find you the best restaurant information. Both the white and yellow pages components are in it.

And to make your mobile phone a handy tool, there are also free Blackberry utilities applications. No matter what kind of phone user you are, you'll be sure to find these utilities handy. Like the FlashOn apps, it uses the built in video camera light, the front LED and the screen to create a customized Flashlight.



You could also browse some of the free applications that you could get for your phone in the internet, and it is already classifies into different cluster. Like for example, you may want free games application or maybe free tools application. There are lots of freebies for your phone that awaits you.

Aside from the free applications, you could also get some free stuff for your mobile phones, like free ringtones or message alert tones that could help in making your phone lively, the free wallpaper download, in which you could select from different categories of wallpapers that are available. The theme could be love, friendship, girly and guy things, anime, nature and even religion. You could also get free themes for your mobile phones, same as the wallpaper it is also classified into different categories. Screensavers were also classified into such categories. All you have to do is browse and click.

Being technically inclined is common nowadays, from young children to older adults, everyone has their mobile gadgets. From the black and white to colored phones, to flip-top and now to touchscreen, almost everything changes but what still remain is the function. Free stuff and applications will always vary depending on the type of phones you have.  There is so much to choose from that this article only covers a drop in the well of information that's out there. There is just no reason for you not to have all the luxuries your phone can offer, especially since many of them are free. Have your phone upgraded with the cool and easy-to-access applications. Being techy is not costly especially when you know how to use the freebies!