Beaches Landscapes
Credit: Catalog

All of the things that make life worth living are definitely free.  These things are the best that life has to offer and all of us from time to time need to enjoy them.  Parks, beaches, the love of children and pets, smiles, and humor are all a part of what makes life phenomenal and they cost you nothing. 

            Parks are a great place to spend time with family and friends.  You can bring out your picnic baskets and enjoy good food.  You can watch movies in the park as the sun sets on another wonderful day.  You can run in the grass playing Frisbee with your kids or your dogs.  The park offers a place to rest and read a great book under a large shady tree.  You can sit on a park bench and people watch all day.  You can walk through the park and enjoy all that nature has to offer such as beautiful birds, trees, etc.  The beauty of all these things; is that the park is free.

            Beaches remind you why you need and deserve a vacation.  Most people go there to relax and enjoy the simple beauty of the water.  You can go swimming all day or surfing if that is your thing.   You can help your kids build castles in the sand as high as your imagination.  You can lie in the sand with the one you love and watch the sunset or sunrise and rejoice in the beauty of it.  You can walk down the long stretches of the beach holding hands with the love of your life.  More than anything you can take it easy and forget about the job that you left behind.  What makes it even better; beaches are free.

            Unconditional love comes in two forms; the love of a child and the love of your pet.  A baby will smile showing the first two teeth making your heart fill with joy.  You feel so special when those little hands cup your face and eyes look directly into yours silently saying “I LOVE YOU.”    Whenever you walk into a room, think of how a baby squeals with glee because you are there.  They ask nothing of you except hugs and kisses.  In return no matter what you do, they show you continual love.  This is somewhat the same response you get from your dog.  When you get home from work; your dog is jumping up and down so happy to see you.  He or she wags her tail when you come into their space.  They quickly roll over on their backs in the hope that you will rub their belly.  Pets fulfill our need for validation.  Many people who are sick or lonely look to their dogs for comfort.  In other words, they are looking to their dogs for love.  This unconditional love that babies and dogs give so freely, costs you nothing.  That is what makes the emotion so special.

            Smiles are free and from time to time everybody needs one.  Walk into a room and look around; when you see someone looking sad show them a smile.  More times than not this will make them smile too.  Smiles can make attitudes change and people feel better.  A smile can light up a gloomy room.  Smiles say, I am here for you if you need me and I care.  Smiles can offer hope to someone who has none.  Even if you are feeling low, go to the mirror and smile and you will begin to see things a little brighter.  Smiles make you immediately begin to feel more positive.  For the price of a smile, you not only help others but you help yourself.

            Humor is what makes the world go around.  When you hear a very funny joke and find yourself laughing hysterically; don’t you feel great?  The ability to laugh at yourself means that life does not have to be so serious.  Laughter can take the edge off of an intense situation.  It can turn around a bad day and make it better.  Humor can bring joy to an otherwise sad day.  Humor costs you nothing but the time that it takes to enjoy it.  What more could you ask for.

            There are many things that you can do in life that will make it enjoyable.  Parks, beaches, smiles, the love of a child or pet and humor are just a few.  Unlike many expensive things that you enjoy; these wonderful things are definitely free.