Rome!  What a city - but everything comes at a price, doesn't it! Well, that is probably what your travel agent would be telling you anyway. However, there is always a way to find something on a budget. Sometimes, Rome tours are the only way to see the sights you want to see, but they can also very often come close to tiring you out so much, making your entire vacation unpleasant.

Once you have found one of the cheap flights to Rome you could be well on your way to a rewarding vacation that does not have to cost as much as you think. There are also many hotels in Rome that won't take you for a ride. You will have to look around for these online, because they don't advertise a lot, and you will also have to book in advance.

Tours of Rome are long, which is obviously necessary because there is so much to see. They are jam-packed and if you don’t speak the language, it is essential to do a tour, but at the end of the day you are wiped out.

This is when you have to make the choice - Do you want to make your vacation one big tour, bearing in mind that this will set you back many dollars. A tour of the Vatican museum, the most visited museum would cost you on average $50 a ticket. The other option is just to find what you can do for free and with a little planning could you would be surprised how many sights and spectacles you could find around this beautiful city.

Often a bus tour of the tour of the city can become a little commercialised. To add to that, with as much traffic as Rome has, sitting at the top of an open bus becomes a little polluted with a lot of fumes blowing in your face, making it sometimes unpleasant. If you have a few days just by walking around the city is a beautiful way of exploring Rome.

Rome traffic

September is a great time to visit Rome because it is no doubt unbearable during the June and July period. The other thing to remember is that many shop owners simply close up at this time and take their own little vacation, so there won't be a lot going on - but there will definitely still be a lot of tourists!

8 Things to Do in Rome - Cost free

  • Stand next to the Trevi fountain with an Italian ice-cream. The Trevi fountain is an amazing sight. You will just be walking down another typical Roman road and suddenly hit crowds of people surrounding this spectacle, which no doubt has to be seen.
Trevi Fountain


  • Sit on the Spanish steps and bake in the sun. This may sound boring, but you could actually just imagine you are there in time, and when you look at the structure and design you will be amazed.
  • Walk around the Colosseum, admiring the ancient structure.
  • Get to know real Italian pizza, chatting to a couple of real Italians, I love to do this. Just go into a cheap place to eat and say a few Italian words that you know. They will probably laugh and answer back, but are always friendly. It’s always great to get to know the culture instead of always sitting at a formal, stuffy restaurant.
  • There is always something going on in Rome. You don’t need a ticket to see the changing of the guards which takes place at 4pm every day.
  • On  Sunday you can go to the Vatican City to St Peter’s square and hear the  mass with rest of the locals and a couple of other dozen tourists  gathered around the square. Many people come at certain times of the year to hear the Pope’s message. Easter is an especially popular time of the year.
  • More energetic people will enjoy many walks that vary in length from 1 to 4 hours. Some will cover the Via Giulia, laid out for Pope Julius III, which is a straight road and some walks will be more off the beaten track and will leave you wandering where the Romans came to bury their dead.
  • Italians have a way with style and you don’t have to buy anything, but it’s great to do some window shopping. Shops stay open until 8 at night so you have plenty of time. There is a food and flower market near the Parthenon, which is worth having a look at. In June and July there is a fair that takes place on the side of the river and you can find some bargains there.