We all have our own way of losing fat. I would like to discuss my method on how to diet and the fitness that goes along with it but I believe that it would not fit well with the diverse audience of weight loss. Not even popular tips on lose weight are compatible with every person existing in the universe. I will try to do my best here but I will admit this article is mainly for fun and learning how to burn fat away.

1. A word of caution, do not starve yourself as this could lead to death. Although I am conscious or worry about my appearance, I realize from day-to-day what is necessary to live. Your own health is what should come first before even taking into consideration how weight loss diets can help you. You won't look hot if your body is a buried corpse decaying into a skeleton. Just know there are people out there who still care about you no matter what you look like.  If you are trying to impress your friends you will greatly disappoint everyone if you die because of a quick fat burning plan gone crazy. Don't sellout your health out to lose weight. Instead, try to find ways to make your diet into a healthy weight loss diet.

2.  16 ounces or 1 bottle of water mixed together with apple cider vinegar can help one lose fat weight without ruining your shape. You may add sugar goods like fruit popsicle to mask the bitter taste from overcoming you, although be aware that this put more sugar into your diet which you technically do not want. This is a balancing act between taste and losing weight.

WebMD[935] says people have applied vinegar as a weight loss remedy for 1,000s of years. Vinegars like white vinegar may give your stomach the feeling of being satisfied. A lonely 2005 study involving 12 people reported positive feedbacks. The people who consumed the piece of bread with small quantity of white vinegar claim to feel less hungry than those who ate the bread without white vinegar.

Unfortunately, apple cider vinegar is no miracle cure for fat. There are side effects if you take too much or for too long. Because apple cider vinegar is strongly acidic, it can damage the hard white substance covering the tooth (also known as tooth enamel). Additionally, your tissues from the mouth and throat are also potentially damaged by the acetic acid of apple cider vinegar. Skin can burn by making physical contact with the vinegar.

Be very careful with supplement versions as these are not regulated by the FDA. Using apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing is okay. It is a bit more dangerous if you intend to use it as a replacement for a daily medical treatment. If you want to try the approach of inserting apple cider vinegar into your diet, make sure to ask a qualified expert like a doctor. I wouldn't recommend people taking apple cider vinegar as I do not really know if it guaranteed to work as a safe weight loss plan.

3. Create a diet plan along with a fitness routine you can follow through. Make sure it is not too hard but not too easy. No challenge means you cannot get better. Trying too hard can injure you and set you back to where you once were before getting rid of fat shape. Consistency and progress is the key here to losing weight.

Try substituting junk foods with slightly less fat and sweet consumables. As you get better with dealing with the bitterness of healthier foods, get a new set of foods with even less junk in it. Don't force yourself as this will backfire as the pain kicks in, making you want to eat junk food again.

Check your weight on a scale but don't obsess over it. You need to take action to burn fat.

I want to warn you that quick fix to lose weight in many cases do not work or if they do they come with side effects that will make you reconsider your decision to take it. Many silly commercials about diet pills or weight surgery are just out to get your money and don't care about your well-being and fail to help you with weight loss. Often, they will over hype everything they do and pretend they are there for you when they make no effort to do so. If you want to buy diet product from a commercial make sure it is someone you can really trust.

If you love and put in to motion to making your meal plans for weight loss coming alive, you may see success.

4. Here a small-sized tip just to make the article looks less like a long drawn out presentation dragging the reader through sharp corners. Do yoga to lose weight. Then sip (drink a little) water regularly throughout the day. Eat the healthiest diet you can found. This means vegetables, fruits, etc. Try to limit your intake of sugar. Each day, breathe deeply in and out. This free weight loss tip for dieting sounds simple because of the shorter length of writing but probably harder to take action on.

5. If you don't want to change what you eat, you will have to either or do both reducing the amount of what you are eating and learn how to burn calories through exercising. I practice this technique to some extent. It convenient to eat the same food so I cut down on what I consume. While not holding true to the purpose of this tip, if I still want to eat more I try to substitute for the loss of food with vegetables. I do this so I won't eat the same food with the same intake of fat as before. I want to make progress, not get fat all over my body by repeating the same mistakes over and over again. For exercising, I get into the habit of jogging so I can move on to more intensive exercises.

The real problem with weight loss strategies is they target a certain kind of person, often differing from one and another.  What work for one person won't work for someone else. You need to found out what you want to do with weight loss and what your body demand from you. What motivate you to lose weight is you wanting to get rid of fatness. Without you in the equation, any reason to burn off fat goes out of the window. Your body must feel happy to lose weight successfully. You can discipline or trick your body. I prefer disciplining as I have often experienced tricks backfiring but it ultimately your choice not mine.

One problem with free tips for weight loss diets is information overload. There actually too much to talk about and very little physical evidence to prove that they work. A lot of tip is by word of mouth and not clinically tested. One way to counteract information overload is to only read free tips when they are fun to read.

What I found free tips are good for is getting my creative juices flowing so I can come up with my idea on how to lose weight as buying "official" guides on burning fat can get very expensive very quickly. You may save a lot of money, especially if these costly guides don't work for you.