What Is Free To Air Satellite TV?

Free to air or FTA Satellite TV uses a transmission that resorts to a special type of digital satellite receiver which is programmed to pick up unencrypted satellite TV signals. This means that one can enjoy free subscription to TV programming if possessing a FTA receiver. The format of MPEG-2 video is used to encode the signal in the case of the FTA satellite system, and the access to the digital transmission can be restricted depending on the geographical area. In some regions, numerous FTA satellite channels are received by the viewers through the UHF and VHF band.

Digital Satellite Receiver

Viewsat Digital Satellite ReceiverA digital satellite receiver like the one pictured here from Viewsat is required as part of any FTA system.  With a properly installed satellite dish and digital receiver you should be able to have free to air satellite TV streaming into your home with all the available FTA HD channels.  The Viewsat digital receiver is available on Amazon.

The main advantage of free to air satellite TV system consists of free access to diverse FTA HD channels - or high definition TV channels.  All that one needs to benefit from this advantage is to get the required equipment, namely a FTA digital satellite receiver and a satellite dish.  As far as the dish is concerned one can choose from several different brands including Viewsat, Conaxsat or Pansat (some of the best industry brands). The choice of the dish depends on what particular satellite it will point at. But in most cases, a simple standard DTV compliant dish is enough.

This kind of satellite television dish can be easily found in any electronic store. Therefore, a C-band or a K-band dish is compatible with a FTA satellite TV system. An antenna motor and a low noise blockdown convertor feedhorn (LNBF) will allow one to receive FTA HD channels from more satellites at once.

How To Install A FTA Satellite TV System

To install a free to air satellite TV system one first needs a coaxial cable to run from the dish up to the FTA receiver which has to be connected to the television set. The positioning of the dish towards the satellite is not so difficult for a non-specialist to do it, but the majority resort to expert services. This way, the best FTA support services are ensured.  You may have to purchase a satellite dish tripod if one was not included with your dish.

The satellite to which the dish must point to can be chosen from the options on the menu of the FTA receiver. The device is also endowed with a regular firmware updates system that guarantees the efficiency of the device. The user has to introduce the FTA keys manually and being familiar with the process is recommended.

These are the major steps that are generally taken in the installation of a FTA satellite TV system. Settings and rules may slightly vary from one digital satellite receiver to another.