When people first begin to use Twitter for the first time many of them will quickly quit using Twitter. People that use Twitter to drive traffic to online articles will be more apt to develop there Twitter account and eventually drive massive traffic to there articles over time simply by Tweeting.


Bit.ly is a free service that allows you to not only shorten your URLS but also to track how many people click on you link. Instead of having a link such as:

http://www.infobarrel.com/College_Of_Southern_Idaho_Golden_Eagles_Volleyball_Team_Wins_Another_National_Championship you can have it shortened too http://bit.ly/5DlrES . Bit.ly also allows you to make your own custom URL extension so this same link can also be http://bit.ly/CSIVolleyBall . Each of these 3 links will take you too the same article.

If you use Twitter you know that a URL shortening service is needed as you are limited to only 140 characters per tweet. Bit.ly not only shortens your URL but also tracks the number of people that click on the Bit.ly link as well as the number of re-tweets the article gets and who Tweeted it.

Bit.ly is free to use. Sign up for a free account on Bit.ly and follow the easy instructions on how to associate your Twitter account with your Bit.ly account and then you can track all of the links you Tweet on Bit.ly.

It is very motivating when you begin to see how many hits each article gets from Twitter.

After you set up your free Bit.ly account you can also post to Twitter directly from your Bit.ly account. You can also add multiple Twitter accounts to you Bit.ly account. If you have more than one Twitter account you can easily Tweet to each of your Twitter accounts by simply clicking which Twitter account you want to post to through Bit.ly. If you have multiple accounts and you sometimes want to post a link to all of them and sometimes just to one or two of your Twitter accounts this can save you from having to keep logging into Twitter with each new account name and password. I have 2 twitter accounts I manage and this saves me A lot of time.

Bit.ly FireFox Add-on

If you use the FireFox for your internet browser then there is an add on available from Bit.ly. If you use Bit.ly I highly suggest you use their Bit.ly "preview" add on. This add on allows you too see how many hits a Bit.ly link has received by simply hovering your cursor over it. When you are using Twitter and someone you follow Tweets or Re-tweets an article you can hover your cursor over the link and see how many hits that link has received.

Bit.ly has also introduced an add-on for the Google Chrome Browser to allow you to preview Bit.ly links.


Ad.Ly has advanced Twitter stats available for $9.99 a month but they also offer a free stat that is extremely useful. They will tell you free of charge how many of your followers are engaged. 74% of ,my audience is engaged. I have 400 followers. That means that 300 of my followers are actual Twitter users and not just a spam account. When I make a Tweet I can expect upwards of 300 of my followers to actually see the Tweet.

The higher the number of engaged followed the higher the number of clicks you will receive from your Twitter account.

Ad.ly will also tell you for free what percentage of your followers are male or female.

Cell Phone With QWERTY Keyboard

A mistake that many people make is they only Tweet links to their articles. This is not the best way to maximize the number of followers you have on Twitter. I post a lot of links to my articles but I also post interesting links to other articles, videos etc. You need to balance out the number of links you post by general chat. Tell people what your are doing if it is interesting. If you go and see a new movie feel free to tell people you went and saw a movie and let them know if you like it or not. Reply publicly to Tweets left by other users.

One of the best ways to gain engaged followers is to Tweet a lot. If you can Tweet 20 times a day and the majority of your Tweets do not include links then you will be able to gain many more followers over time. If you post 10 links day to your articles then also Tweet at least 20 more times a day when you do not include a link. It is easy to do.

When you do a general Tweet that does not include a link use about 130 words if possible. The more words you can use in Your Tweet makes that Tweet more likely to show in in a Twitter search. The more times people search and see your Tweet a better chance of that user to find your account and follow you. For example:

My cat jumped on my lap

My Fat Cat Jumped On My Lap right before the football game between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders and drank my beer.

The second Tweet contains many more words. If the Monday Night Football game is between the Chargers and Raiders then you will not only have more keywords but more than likely these two teams are "Trending Topics" on Twitter. By using current trending topics keywords when Tweeting you will make it much more likely to get Traffic to your account and maybe some more followers.

When Tweeting you always want to leave a few characters out. If you use 130 characters instead of 140 then other Twitter users can easily "re-tweet" your tweet thus driving more traffic to your articles. Even if you do not post a link in a Tweet and it is just a general Tweet you still do not want to use all of you characters. If you post something that people find funny or maybe an inspirational quote it may become popular and be re-tweeted by many other users. Even though you did not post a link in that Tweet you may get many new followers and then in the future when you Tweet a link more people are apt to click on the link because you have more followers.

Twitter allows you to Tweet from your cell phone. If you get cell phone that has texting you can do general Tweets when you are way from the computer. By doing many interesting general Tweets from your cell phone you will build up your followers faster and also drive more traffic to your articles and the website you have listed in your Twitter bio under your name.

I still do not have a QWERTY cell phone with texting. I plan on purchasing a QWERTY cell phone next month so I can build my 400 Twitter followers up to a much larger amount over the next year.

I say you need a QWERTY cellphone. A QWERTY cellphone is one that has a separate button for each letter like the keyboard on your computer. This will allow you to not only Tweet Faster from your cellphone but also makes it MUCH easier to Tweet which means you will be Tweeting much more and building your followers faster.

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