Most parents do not allow their kids to bring pets at home for they believe that some pets are disease carriers.

The best alternatives are free virtual pet games online.

With these, there is no need to argue with your parents that you want to have a pet.

Virtual pets can actually be as cute as real pets.


One of the best sites to look for virtual pets is FooPets.

You can adopt cats or dogs that for free. The site will give you an almost real-looking pet. You can;

  • play with them with a Frisbee or balls
  • or feed them when they are hungry

The virtual pets in this site need all which real pet needs:

  • food
  • water
  • toys
  • attention
  • love
  • and care.

Aside from taking care of your virtual pets, you can also decide on how their house will look! Put together some decorations of your choice. An owner can have 50 FooPets and will be able to gain the expenses needed by your pet.

Club Penguin

Pet lovers could also check this site where they could spend their time keeping an eye on their virtual pets: Club Penguin.

This is a virtual world for children as well as a community where they can become pet penguins.

This game involves role-playing: the players will become penguins that live in a snowy world.

  • Can be played in a free or paid version. The paid ones give more features to the player that cannot be accessed in free accounts.
  • The recommended age for Club Penguin players is 6 up to 14 years old.
  • There is also a chat feature which allows the child to chat with other players and get social.

Different rooms in this game are called igloos. As an advanced feature, a player can choose if he wants to open his igloo to other penguins and access it using the map found on “Member Igloos”.

With time, you are able to make virtual money and buy fun stuff. You can build a larger igloo and decorate it. Virtual money can also be earned through mini games like

  • find four
  • hydro hopper
  • sled racing
  • and bean counter

Once a month, a party in Club Penguin is held. During this party, players can grab free clothing and other items. You will also get the latest news and updates in the Club Penguin Times…

With emoticons, players can express their feelings while playing. Other Player's inventory can also be used for when the item is not needed anymore.

Free virtual pet games online are an elegant solution for pet lovers who are not able to bring pets home. The good thing about these games is: they are free of charge.

As long as you have the internet access, you can safely enjoy spending some time with your virtual pets.