Speech to text software was built into my computer and was discovered by accident. I do not know if it works as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking. I assume that Dragon Naturally Speaking works much better but until I can afford it I will play with the program build into my laptop computer.

I can see how a speech to text program can greatly enhance your productivity when producing articles and online content for web sites such as Info Barrel. If I talked in my sleep I could set this to record and wake up with all kinds of weird articles.

I obviously will have to go back into and edit this article as I do not have an external microphone. It appears to be about 90% accurate and I'm sure when I purchase an external microphone the accuracy rate will go higher. I am looking forward to writing a bunch of articles by simply talking. The speech to text program will help me get to my goal of 1500 articles on InfoBarrel sooner.

This speech to text editor seems to do it really fast. I wonder how long it took AJ Walton to learn how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking. I will continue to use this free speech to text editor and software until I can afford Dragon Naturally Speaking, however this program seems to work excellent. Considering the cost of this software is free, I have an excellent tool to increase my productivity on Info Barrel.

I wonder if this is what old slave masters felt like, instead of having a slave I have a laptop that listens to my voice commands. Maybe in the future they can develop software to read minds. That would be cool because then you would just have to sit around and do nothing and articles would automatically generate themselves.

This text was written entirely with the free voice to text software that was included with my Hewlett Packard laptop computer. I plan on buying an external microphone and using this text to speech software to its fullest and greatly increasing the number of articles I have posted on Info Barrel

Once I get organized and learn how to properly use this text to speech software I believe I can begin to create articles much faster out articles at a level I have not experienced before. I had a goal problem reaching 1500 articles on Info Barrel by the end of 2010. I did not achieve that goal. I am about 950 articles short of reaching my goal.

I Have failed to reach my goal this year however I can assure you that I will definitely hit 1500 articles within the first six months of 2012. I will write many of these articles written with my free text to speech software. I will definitely upgrade to Dragon Naturally Speaking version 11, until then I will type out my articles traditionally and also use my free text to speech software.

I love the fact I can simply lie here with my laptop on my chest and write an article without actually typing a single dang word. Speech to text software is awesome.

To find out if your computer has voice recognition software already installed on it go to search, and then type in "voice".