Free Ways to Study for ACT or SATCredit: Billy Alexander

If you're a student who is thinking about going to college, then you'll want to look at free ways to study for the ACT or SAT. Certain universities and degree programs require students to get a minimum ACT or SAT score for admittance as well as the regular college admission requirements.

With tuition fees creeping up every year, many families are feeling the pressure to save on certain items without decreasing the value they receive from them. Here are a few ways that students can study for the ACT or SAT without having to pay for test prep courses.

Free study booklets. Some universities and colleges have their own testing centers and offer free study guides and booklets for each test to students. Spending a day or several days at a local bookstore perusing the testing section allows the student to study from highly researched books about the tests. Local libraries allow for their patrons to check out study resources for free.

Free practice tests. Practice tests and questions are available for free online. Many websites supply students with free study guides and bonus material to help with studying. Both the ACT and SAT official websites have free practice questions and online tests available to students.

Free tutoring. A local high school, university or community college may offer tutoring services for free in certain subject matters. High school teachers might give more practice material from the subject they teach. For example, a Math teacher may recommend more math problems from the textbook and a free review of those problems once a student has completed them.

Free online tips and tricks. The internet is full of websites that help with online tips and tricks for the ACT or SAT that are of no cost to those seeking the information out. Many sites give timed testing practice tests, most commonly missed questions and vocabulary building or math refreshing options for free.

Free help from peers. Testing dates vary and students’ schedules vary which means that some students take the test before others. Students can ask their friends about test and ask for help or tips that might give them that extra boost in their score.

Being able to cut the cost of certain college expenses is always a welcome to most. You have read about the free ways to study for the ACT or SAT. Now you need to take action and start studying to score well for college admission.