The government project, free cell phones for people on welfare, is a great way to help people lessen their monthly bills. It is true that communication is very important among families. This is why most families nowadays spend hundreds of dollars for their phone bills. But the problem arises when the family is not earning just enough for all of their needs. In a way, the telephone communication is then become the sacrificing tool. Many families give up their phones just to make ends meet. And since the government would want to retain having access to all sorts of communication, they now come up with a project of giving out free cell phones and services to people who are on welfare. The government connected with different cell phone companies to help them in their aim to provide free communication to the poor. Here are some of the companies who are now part of the free cell phone project of the government:



Lifeline is a plan supported by the government so that it can provide free cell phones to people who are on welfare. This company gives free minutes every month. For recipients of the free cell phones, they will be given free monthly minutes for one year. If their free minutes ran out, they can buy extra minutes. There are prepaid cards available for this call service. After the one year supply of free minutes, the recipient can still use the cell phone and just have to buy minutes. Lifeline will also require some documents from the person who receives the free cell phone. If the documents are not presented, Lifeline will discontinue the free service.



Safelink is the widest and largest free cell phone giving company that the government has linked with. It has the widest scope of states being served. And now, it is currently onto its widening plan to reach all the states in the US. For Safelink, there are no contracts to sign. As long as you are eligible for the program and have been chosen by the government, you will be given free cell phone plus free minutes. Monthly supply of free minutes is given to the recipients of the free cell phones. In case, the free minutes were not consumed, it will be carried over to the next month. The free cell phone is active for one year from which the project of government states. And only one member of the welfare family is eligible to apply for the program.



Tracfone is another cell phone provider that was connected with the government to aids in the aim to give free cell phones to people on welfare. Just like the other cell phone service companies, Tracfone gives not only free cell phones but also free minutes monthly. Tracfone supports the government in providing help for people who are having difficulties in keeping up with their bills particularly phone bills. With the free monthly cell phone services, one can save money and use it for other important needs of the family.


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