WiiWare is an awesome feature that allows Wii owners to download games, applications, and since Nov. 2009, free downloadable demos. These games are from small developers trying to hit it big in the gaming industry. They're fairly simple platfomers that are family-friendly and employ the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii console. Nintendo adds new downloadable demos every Monday for those interested in playing free games. It's a good idea to check back often as they're constantly updating and demos are only available for a limited time. So if you want to know how to download a Demo from WiiWare, continue reading.

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For New Users

If you're new to the Nintendo Wii and have no clue how to get to WiiWare, it'll be located right in the Wii Shop Channel category in the main menu. WiiWare will be right there in front between the Virtual Console and Wii Channels. Once in WiiWare, there are various other categories you can choose from: Popular Titles, Newest Additions, Publisher, Genre, or Game Title. If you're buying a full game you'll need Wii points, but demos are free so just hit the download button and it'll only be a matter of time before you're playing your free WiiWare game demos.

Career Change, Anyone?

Really anyone with a desire can become a WiiWare developer, all you need is the $2000 kit and a bit of programming know-how and you can be the next biggest developer. But make sure your game provides quality gameplay or it could be considered shovelware and not earn you a single penny. Nintendo has set-up precautions to prevent people from uploading substandard games, so their customers will see WiiWare as a viable feature.

A Few Games

Some of the best games WiiWare has to offer include the following:
  • Lost Winds: This is an exciting adventure game that has you as Enril the wind spirit where you have the control to start tornadoes and move objects with the power of, you guessed it, wind. Your job is to help Toku revoke the curse placed on the world of Mistralis by the antagonist Balasar.

  • Tales of Monkey Island Series: If you enjoy humor with your game, then you might be in luck with this one. You play as the pirate Guybrush Threepwood (strange name) who had been marooned on an island after fighting a demon pirate. It's your job to help him find his wife and figure out how to escape. This is a 5-part series that sort of plays like a sitcom.

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King You play as a young king who has to rebuild his kingdom with the help of special powers he receives from a crystal. You get to build houses, shops and interact with citizens who all have to do your bidding. You hire these citizens as adventurers to help you find crystals to further sustain your kingdom building ability. Another iteration titled My Life As a Darklord brings a great twist on the classic Final Fantasy games.

Check Often

There are more fun games to be found on WiiWare, and new ones coming out every Monday. So if you don't want to spend any money on games, your best bet is to check out the free game demos available each week.