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Free Sony Ericsson Xperial PLAY with purchase of Verizon service plan

In this day and time where most people are watching every penny, it is important to take advantage of things they can get cheap or free.  Cell phones have become a necessary part of our everyday existence. In some cases, cell phones have replaced the mainstream land line telephone.  Today's cell phone can play music, surf the web and allow you to watch and send videos. There are some dealers who will give you a cell phone at no cost just to have you enrolled with their service plans. and are two great sources to get cell phones at no cost to you.

Wirefly is a premiere online cell phone dealer that allows you to purchase online rather than go into a retail cell phone outlet. By searching the website, you can find the type of phone that fits your budget. Their massive selection includes: unlocked phones, touch screen phones, laptop cards and more. allows the customer to also search their website and find a cell phone that is within their budget by cell phone carrier, cell phone brand, prepaid cell phones and FREE cell phones. You are also entitled to a complementary upgrade when you extend your service plan contract. They allow you to upgrade your phone for free or at least give you a great discount. usually has offers to get a free cell phone.  In the past has offered free mail in rebates for the cost of your phone.  Currently, they offer you a free cell phone as long as it is with Sprint, Verizon or TMobile. The phone free but you have to pay for the service.



Here are two MORE examples of free cell phones offered through Wirefly:

Samsung TransformCredit:

Free Samsung Transform with purchase of Sprint service plan



DROID X by MotorolaCredit:

Free DROID X by Motorola with purchase of Verizon service plan offers several of these free cell phones that fits your own personal style and tastes. These are up to date, and very powerful and would be worth quite a bit of money if you had to pay for them.


Free Cell Phone Offers


Wirefly Complaints

Even though offers these great free cell phone deals. It's not without its share of complaints.

Wirefly Cell Phone Complaints: Wirefly has received several complaints including but not limited to:

1) False advertising. Misleading "zero" activation fee.

2) Poor customer service. Some customers were upset because they could not easily resolve their free cell phone complaints in a timely manner.

3) Slow to resolve defective cell phone issues.

4) Items and service are not as advertised.

See wirefly complaints here.


If you deal with always keep your receipts and keep record of the names of the customer service representatives you speak with as well as the topics discussed. 


Free Cell Phone Offers

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