It really is possible to get free Wisconsin Circuit Court access in a couple of different ways. As you likley know, there are many fee sites out there that charge an arm and a leg to get public record information, but there's really no need to pay for it. In fact, you can get free Wisconsin Circuit Court access through the states online judicial website. Often Called CCAP, this site is available for all to use at no charge. Here's how to use this great, free site along with another option for getting no charge public record information.

Things You Will Need

Internet access.

Specific subject information including first and last name, or a specific case number.

Step 1

To get free Wisconsin Circuit Court access online, you'll want to logon to CCAP. The address is There are some basic terms of use that you'll need to accept prior to beginning. This is not a fee site, and you aren't required to enter any credit card information. When you're ready, click the 'accept' button near the bottom of the page for free Wisconsin Circuit Court access.

Step 2

You'll notice that you have a few options at the top of the screen. The simplest option, searching by name, is set up as the automatic default. To get started with your free Wisconsin Circuit Court access search, simply type in the first and last name of the subject you're looking up. You'll notice that you can also enter middle name or initial and date of birth. If you have this information, enter it so the results are more narrowed. In addition, you can narrow your search by county near the bottom of the page if you wish. Nothing more than first and last name are required for free Wisconsin Circuit Court access.

Step 3

When ready, click the search button near the bottom of the page to search the public record information on the subject for Wisconsin circuit court access. Once you click search, you'll see cases attached to the same name you entered. These can be civil or criminal cases. Keep in mind that there may very well be more than one person with the same name showing up on the search. Fortunately, you can continue to narrow your search if needed with the online version of Wisconsin Circuit Court access.

Step 4

To make certain you have the right subject, click on the case number displayed on each individual court case. If uncertain of the correct date of birth, make sure that the one listed is reasonable. You can now read many case details, including; future court dates, disposition, amount of fines imposed, sentencing, etc. This is the easiest way to get free Wisconsin Circuit Court access, but if you're uncomfortable with using your computer for this, there's another option.

Step 5

Because Wisconsin Circuit Court access is available for free online, may local courthouses will look up case information for you at no charge. You will typically need to go to the clerk of courts in person, and have all subject information available. Keep in mind that some agencies may charge you a small administrative fee to get your Wisconsin Circuit Court access information, but some will do it at no charge. There's no need to pay any site for Wisconsin Circuit Court access, when the state will allow you to get it for free.

Tips & Warnings

A court case is not the same as a conviction. Be sure to read the disposition information listed on each case.