There are too many Wisconsin Dells coupons to list out in just one article.  Rather than focus on the specific buy one get one deals and discounts you will find, I would prefer to share the ways you can find the freebies and coupons when you are on vacations, or during the planning stages.   Having taken almost countless summer and winter trips there, I have learned all kinds of tips and tricks over the years that save a lot of money.  In this article, I will share some of what I have learned with you, so you can save money the first time around.

Never Pay Full Price

The first thing you need to realize is this is a tourist destination.  As such, you can expect to pay tourist city prices on most of the things you do and buy.  Luckily, virtually every attraction and place to eat in Wisconsin Dells has a coupon.   This will help you save some money as you plan your vacation this year.  Just remember; never pay full price.

Online Wisconsin Dells Coupons

You will find all kinds of free Wisconsin Dells coupons online.  The best way to find the ones that are free is to check out the website for each individual attraction or restaurant you plan to visit.  Many have printable coupons right there, on their own websites.  You will find buy one get one offers, dollar and percent off vouchers, and daily specials that are not normally advertised.  You do need to use caution, however, if you are not looking to spend any money.  There are tons of sites that you will find that advertise free Wisconsin Dells coupons that are simply selling the books for $20.  If you do not intend to spend money to save money, stay away from the books.  If you don’t mind paying, they are a good value.

As you check out the best attractions, you will find they pretty much all have specials.  Noah’s Ark, for example, has splash back days during the week where a second day in only $1.  Mt. Olympus almost always has $5 off coupons on their site, and many other attractions follow suit.

Wisconsin Dells Coupon Books

You will find there are generally several Wisconsin Dells coupon books for sale from a number of different sellers.  I can tell you from personal experience these are a great deal, for the most part.  You have to be careful with them. If you plan on only visiting one resort, perhaps Mt. Olympus and don’t plan on leaving the park much, it will most likely not pay for itself.  If you like to hop around a lot, visiting different parks and attractions and eating out a lot, they can be a very good deal.  Those that take more than one vacation per year there, like me, will generally get the most use of them.  They are still a very good deal, but you should check to see what is included with the book and what deals you can find for free online before you make your purchase.  There are several  Wisconsin Dells coupon books for sale each year at various prices.  Compare them all carefully before you make a purchase.

Hotel Lobbies/Gas Station Kiosks

Believe it or not, as you get close to the area, many gas stations will have all kinds of brochures for different area attractions.  Almost all of the brochures will have free coupons in them to use.  The brochures give you a way to find some new things to do and save some money in the process. 

In addition to the brochures, you will also find many free magazines for Wisconsin Dells travel.  In each of these magazines will be vouchers for deals.  This is another great way to see all the freebies and discounts you can find.

Wisconsin Dells Chamber of Commerce

This is another great way to save on your vacation this summer or winter.  They have access to multiple free discounts on their website.  You can even book your vacation through their site.  They take being a tourist city very seriously, apparently.

Wisconsin Department of Tourism

You can use their website to order travel information for the Dells.  Included in all the materials you will receive will be discounts and coupons.  All of the materials are available for free.  You will be able to plan your trip and save some money in the process.

Phone Books

Sound silly?  It might sound silly, but all Wisconsin Dells phone books are plastered with free coupons.  Look up businesses in the yellow pages and you’ll find almost all of them have a cut out voucher.  In addition, the back few pages of the books have sheets of perforated coupons that you can remove and use.

At Check In

When you book your hotel, most will include some deals and books of discounts.  I went on a trip last year and stayed at a downtown motel.  I was shocked by the quality of the coupons I got at check in.  I got a buy one get one free large pizza from Rocky Rococo, discounts at the Dells Mining Company, and freebies from Culvers, just  to name a few.  When you check in, just ask.  Most have a little booklet made up behind the counter.

About Package Deals

I have learned one thing for sure – you can almost always get free tickets to the best Wisconsin Dells attractions with most hotels.  Some will offer free passes to Chula Vista Waterparks, some to Noah’s Ark or Mt. Olympus.  If you plan to stay for more than 4-5 days, you might want to consider hotel hopping.  I have done this and it works great.

I normally stay at Hotel Rome at Mt. Olympus for a night, which gets the whole family free waterpark and free theme park tickets for the first two days.  I check out in the morning and we do our thing at the Mount.  Then, we check into one of the hotels or motels that offers free Chula Vista passes for a day or two and then another night at a resort with Noah’s Ark passes.  This saves us a lot of money and we get to do lots of stuff, and get more freebies each time we check in.  It is a great alternative to free Wisconsin Dells coupons.