The PC has opened up a completely new world of employment for many people.  Many people prefer to stay at home rather than commute to a workplace daily, for a variety of reasons.  Some are mothers; some are disabled; some simply prefer solitude.  Opportunities abound if you are interested in working from home.

Keep in mind that these “free” jobs simply mean that you do not have to lay out cash to get started.  (For example, many sales jobs require that you spend $100 or more for a set of demonstration merchandise or products.)  You may need to spend money to get the proper education or training for some of these jobs.

Telephone Jobs

Some of the best jobs make use of your telephone service, so if you are interested in this type of work, make sure that you have an unlimited package on your wireless phone or a good discount plan on your landline service.  Alternatively, you might want to make calls through your PC with a downloadable program like Skype.

One way to use your telephone at home is to do telemarketing.  This includes sales aFree Work from Home Jobsnd also surveys that are done over the phone.  These jobs can be done with little to no other equipment; all you need is a pleasant voice and personality, a professional demeanor, and persistence, as you will encounter repeated rejections and hang-ups.  If you have a tough skin, this might be a job to consider.

Another popular phone-at-home job is the call center representative.  Many huge catalog centers can now direct incoming phone calls to your phone line at home; using a PC, you can take and place orders over the phone, and the caller never knows that you are not sitting at a bank of computer terminals with hundreds of other employees.

Computer Jobs

If you have excellent keyboarding skills, there are several work from home jobs that may appeal to you.  Data entry is a very popular job to do at home.  Data-entry jobs require little more than a workspace with a PC, and employers prefer saving space and overhead costs by hiring people to do this work at home.  Whether you are filling out a form or transferring records from paper to a database, your desire to work from your home office is a benefit to both you and your potential employer.

Service and Consulting Jobs

There is a whole other category of free work from home jobs, and that is anything that involves owning your own small business.  While a lot of business require a lot of start-up funding, there are some things that require little office space or equipment.  Sitting services for babies, pets, plants or houses are always in demand by those who can afford them.

Consulting jobs don't always require credentials.  Jobs like professional organizing and home staging pretty much just require your expertise and the ability to market yourself.  You can order free business cards online announcing your business and generate simple invoices from a template for your word-processing or spreadsheet software.