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Multiple streams of income using free resources.

It's possible to make money writing online. This fact is not a myth and I say this because I'm now someone who generates revenue using free resources available on the web.  It's not necessary to spend money in order to make money.  Time is what is needed to create a solid online presence. If you have a computer with Internet access there is no need to spend additional money to earn money online.

Creating multiple streams of income does not happen over night however it takes at least a couple of years of constant writing to earn money online especially if you're building a solid foundation using several Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.  Take your time to create multiple streams of income and take the time to teach yourself how each of the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks work.

OK, you've made the decision to learn how to generate income writing online but do you want it bad enough to stick it out long enough to reap the rewards is the question you should ask yourself. Don't be fooled thinking you will write a few articles and the money will start rolling in. Over time you will notice your revenue slowly increasing and watch your revenue start rolling each month.  You do need to learn a few proven techniques to help you earn steady income.

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In 2009 I started to write online and have not stopped.  Each day, week and month I understand a little bit more because I never stopped working and learning and I'm now earning revenue each day. Start writing about a favorite topic/niche you have knowledge in and over time you'll find yourself writing about other topics as you grow and learn.

One of the best ways to learn how to earn money online is to join Revenue Sharing Websites like Infobarrel. Joining Revenue Sharing Websites are great for beginners and are great for article writers to expand their Internet Writing Business. Revenue Sharing Websites are free to join and offer their members an opportunity to split the revenue generated. Some split the revenue 50/50, 40/60 and some even split the Adsense revenue generated 20/80 with your earning 80%.

Most of the Revenue Sharing Websites don't pay you directly. You write using their platforms, connect your Pay Per Click Publisher ID to your accounts and get paid from the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks. Just to mention a few are Adsense, Kontera, Infolinks and Chitika which are all Pay Per Click Publisher Networks. If this sounds confusing, simply go through the motions because over time you will start to understand how to increase your income each month.  I started to write and I knew nothing but I decided to continue to write because I was able to see the potential to earn steady monthly.

While writing articles, creating free websites and blogs you will start to understand how to link all of your work together properly. Because of my years of writing and creating, whenever I create a new article, blog or free website, I link my work together and by doing so helped me get indexed to the search engines. The more you write the more you will understand and the more of an opportunity you will have to generate even more revenue.

There will come a time when it becomes fun to write articles, create free websites and blogs but you must get over the hurdle of the learning process. Learn, keep yourself organized and don't stop writing. Like I said above, I started to write articles online in January 2009 and this article was written in September 2010. I'll sit down for an hour an hour a day to create at least one good article or blog. When I first started to write online it took me hours to create an article or blog but now it takes me a little over an hour and this includes adding keywords, description, PPC ads and In-Text ads. You will get faster and better over time. You will notice you get the work done in half the time.

You can earn multiple streams of income online using free resources. What are you waiting for? Where do you see yourself a couple of years from now? Writing online can supplement your income and can help you better your financial standing. Don't look back and wonder what you could have accomplished, make a plan and push forward until you're satisfied with the results. Push forward until you have reached your goal. Be creative, write, use pictures or create videos to add to your articles, blogs and free websites. These are simple suggestions to make your work more attractive to your visitors and helps with search engine optimization.