Free Writing Contests: Short Story Writing Competition

When you think you are a good writer, you often discover that there is someone better than you. Well, at least someone who has a different writing style. When it comes to writing contests, you will discover that it can be hard to win and even harder to get published. That said, there are those who participate in writing contest in order to win prizes and other gifts without thinking of making it into the big time.

With the ease of starting a blog and getting your voice heard, some will probably think that participating in short story writing contest can be a waste of time and effort. That is not often the case but you need to set the right expectations. You need to know that losing or not winning a writing contest doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. It just means, the judges preferred someone else.

There is another issue that you need to be aware of when thinking of when you think about put your thoughs into words. Most writing competitions are not free. If there is a reward of a $1000 for the winner, you will expect to pay an entry fee of about $10 to $50. That might sound insignificant when you keep your eyes on the first prize. However,  what will happen if you don’t win? You will not get a refund and that is one of the reasons why many people refrain from taking part in writing contests. Often, some of these paid ones are cancelled because they do not have sufficient entries. Part of the prize money comes from the entry fees.

Free writing contests or free short story writing competition

From time to time, you will come across a site that will let you participate for free. That is great but the prizes are modest. Often, the winner gets about $100 or less. These types of free  contests are easier and you will be required to write less than 1000 words for your short story. These free  contests are good for those who want to get a feel for what it’s like to write and be judged by someone else

There are free writing sites that offer free daily writing contests. A site like FreeShortStorycontests allows you to join the writing competition for free. The winner gets a little reward and you can participate every day as the site runs daily competition. If you like writing fictional stories and you do not want to wait for weeks to find out if you have won a prize; you can give the site a try. At times you will find the topic of the short story writing competition a little obscure but if you have a lot of imagination, you will do well.

The strategy is simple, set the write expectations and start with a free writing contest where you know you stand a chance. It will boost your confidence and prepare you for other competitions.