There are some really high quality free yard wood projects on the internet if you know how and where to look.

If you start looking online straight away with a few key term searches such as:

  • Free Woodworking Plans
  • Free Woodworking Projects
  • Free Woodcraft plans etc.

You are instantly given lists and lists of sites that are offering free detailed plans, which are either provided to you on the webpage or you download (often in a pdf format) and then follow.

A popular directory site for free yard wood projects is ...  Jim Barry's ""

Where although it isn't specifically about things outside. There is a long list of categories that offer multiple plans on almost anything you want to try and build yourself. This particular site has categories from Aquarium Stands to Yard Art Figures.

Once you click on the desired category, you are then presented with many plans related to that specific category, then if you find a plan you particularly like the look of, to actually access the plan you simply have to click on the link provided. This then may ask you to download a file or simply take you to another webpage.

Follow the process below - to get hold of the relevant plan you want.

So for example, I wanted to build a hanging birdfeeder.

Once, I am on the site, I would first identify the relevant category it was under (or you can use the search engine at the top right), in this case there is a category  actually called 'Birdfeeders', so I would then follow that link.

I am then presented with a list with the kind of birdfeeder plans on offer, and an image of what they turn out like once you have followed the plan. Now I personally like the look of the plan entitled 'BirdFeeder 01', when I then follow that link it takes me to a new page, where it gives me a plan and instructions to carry out the project.

Note: Bare in mind, most the plans you will come across have been produced by different people, hence some of the plans vary in quality and clarity, so be sure to hunt around looking for the better ones. Also be sure to check out other sites similar to the one above as they are likely to have a different selection of designs and plans for the type of project you are looking for.

If you aren't looking for a general outside project to complete, and you were quite specific, so say I knew I wanted to build a hanging birdfeeder right from the off, rather than just a birdfeeder.

I could have gone through the search engines with terms such as:

  • Free Hanging birdfeeder Plans
  • Free Wooden Hanging birdfeeder Projects
  • Free BirdFeeder Guide etc.

By being more specific in my search I have managed to narrow down my results and it has led me to come a cross a site called "". Where they have a specialised section on free bird feeder plans, which has provided me with specific types of birdfeeder lists, rather than one generalised list. From plans for wooden platform birdfeeders to a list of woodcraft tube birfeeders.

By checking out all the relevant free plans to get the best one, I finally came across what I believe is the most informative and clear of them all on a site called "Wayne of the Woods" for my hanging birdfeeder, that "" provided the link for me to follow.

Building and working from free yard wood projects can be great fun and you can produce something that is both useful and decorative, but remember to be safe, as these plans might not be written by professionals, they may have missed out warnings and potential hazards.