Local phone technology is quickly finding its way out the door of most homes and businesses, being replaced by new technology offered by most internet service providers, and even some specialized companies. The server is VoIP technology, and by simply plugging a cordless VoIP phone into your internet connection or router, you are going to be able to start enjoying the benefits of digital call clarity, as well as a host of other amazing features that have never been available through your local phone company.

While the old telephone companies used to hold monopolies over the way people contacted family members, and put together business deals, the internet is proving to give them a run for their money by offering substantially lower rates, as well as being able to use features that local phone companies charge extra for. Staying in contact with people outside of the country has never been easier, with some companies even offering free international long distance as part of their regular telephone service packages. This does away with having to use calling cards to stay in touch with members of your family that may be overseas, or setting up new business deals with investors across the big blue.

The call clarity is one of the biggest advantages that cordless VoIP phones have over classic local telephone service. With local phone companies, the calls are being placed over an analog signal, which means that only one person can speak at a time. While this isn't a problem for most two way phone calls, when you get more people on the line it tends to add in a level of hassle and frustration that VoIP technology has done away with. With a cordless VoIP phone, you are able to receive and send calls with a digital signal, which means that you no longer have to wait for the other person to stop talking before you are able to begin speaking. This feature is great for conference calls, because productivity is hugely increased by allowing multiple speakers to interact with each other, as well as not having to wait for each persons turn to talk.

The features that are included with a cordless landline VoIP phone top the local phone companies features, far and away. With free long distance, caller ID, call forwarding, and a host of other features being offered for free, the local phone companies are finding themselves in hot water, with more and more people looking for a cordless phone for VoIP. People want to free themselves from the costly telephone bills, as well as the cords and clutter that come from all the boxes and gadgets that local phone companies have you install.

The best cordless phone for VoIP will be a single box, that allows you to plug everything into it, removing the horrible mess of wires that seems to get tangled even if there is nobody moving or touching it. If you are planning to get a cordless VOIP phone, you want to make sure that you are going to get use out of all of the features that the phone has to offer to ensure you aren't overpaying on features you aren't going to use. If you have not jumped aboard already, get ready to ride, because VOIP telephone technology is the next big wave.