There are many cheap goody bag ideas you can use for birthdays parties, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or for any other holiday or special occasion.  While they are generally for kids, they don’t necessarily have to be kid oriented.  I’d like to share some budget friendly options with you I this article.

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Premade Kids Goody Bags

You can buy them quite cheaply, often for less than it would cost you to put them together on your own.  If you would like the convenience that comes with getting them put together already, there are plenty of options available online.  Since you can have them shipped directly to you, you can save a trip to the store and a lot of time by doing it this way. Best of all, you can stay within a theme, should that be important to you.

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Cheap and Unusual Goody Bag Containers

Baggies:  You won’t find many options cheaper than this one.  For a couple of dollars, you can get a big old box of baggies to fill up with candy, party favors, or small toys.  You’ll find there are some available at the dollar store, which is where you can also buy most of the other items on this list.

Mini Gift Bags:  You can generally find them for well under a dollar each, so they are a pretty cheap option to keep in mind as you put together a goody bag for a birthday party.  You’ll find they are readily available online or at local retail stores.

Coin Purses:  It’s a very unique option to consider.  Since you can often find them for very inexpensive prices, you can put together the entire package, often for under $5 each.  Just take a look at see what you can find out there.

Plastic Cups:  You can find plastic cups with cartoon characters on them at pretty reasonable rates.  It might be a better option to use than and actual bag and then the container will serve a useful purpose as well.

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Baseball Cap:  Fill up the child sized cap with some candy or other goodies and the bag itself becomes a practical addition and not just something to throw out in the trash.  It’s a really good option to consider when you are throwing a party for a bunch of little kids.

Sand Pail:  Why not?  You can get them at the dollar store, so they won’t cost you a lot of money to put them together.  Plus, they will likely get used during the child’s next trip to the beach.

Small Wicker Baskets:  This is a pretty traditional option to keep in mind and you can get them pretty cheap.  If you don’t want to go with a typical bag, this fits the mold of the small gift basket and they are pretty cheap to buy.

Ball in a Cup:  The cup can be filled up with the goodies and when empty, it serves as a toy in itself.  It’s a pretty unique idea you might want to try.

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Filling the Bag on a Budget

Cookies:  You can make your own cookies to include, or just buy a package or two from the store and split them up between all the goody bags you put together.  It’s a really cheap way to fill it up with something the kids will actually eat and enjoy.

Bulk Candy:  If you want to put your own packages together, buy the candy in large packages and then split it up. You’ll save a little bit of money and you’ll have more control over how much they actually get included in their bags.

Party Favors:  You can find them at virtually every major department store or online from a number of different retailers.  They are always a good option.  Trinket toys are a good way to keep kids entertained and happy.

Drink Boxes:  It gives the kids a way to rehydrate after running around and sweating and they won’t all be begging you to pour them something to drink at the party.  It will make it a little easier for the adults.

Play Dough:  You can make your own if you’re on a very tight budget, or you can buy the very small containers of it for the purposes of putting together a homemade goody bag.  It’s not too expensive, so it’s a good option to keep in mind as you shop around.

Balloons:  If you’re decorating for a party, you’re likely to have several of these lying around afterward.  Why not just include the extras into the package?  Kids will like them and they will help to fill it up without having to spend any extra money.

Crayons/Coloring Books:  You can keep them entertained for quite a while by just including a small package of crayons and some coloring books.  If you really want to get by cheap, download and print a bunch of coloring pages online, which are generally available for free, and include them the party bag.

Stickers:  Kids love them.  Just realize there’s a good chance you’ll find lots of them stuck to the walls and floors.  Still, they are not expensive and are a good way to fill up the package without spending much money.

Alternatives to Party Bags

In some cases, you might want to spend the money you would have spent on putting together or buying the packages premade to simply get something else.  For example, suppose you took the money and bought everyone a fairly inexpensive toy instead to play with?  Or take it a step further and get craft supplies for everyone to work together as a part of an activity for the party.  You have many options when you do things like this, so just look around and see what other kind of ideas you can come up with for the birthday parties.  You’ll find all kinds of very cheap birthday or holiday goody bag ideas that are very cheap and easy to put together. 

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