Free and wireless electricity might appear to be dream, but it was available since times unknown. The ancient pyramids , about 134 in the world, were built to provide free and wireless electricity (See   ) and they are still alive capable of producing electricity (See . Somewhere on the way, technologically speaking , humanity went back to the starting point , and now technology is re-emerging with its own pace and time. Even if to-day we are not getting free wireless technology, the reason is political and not technological.

Thomas Edison Vs Nikola Tesla

In this latest phase, we find electricity , being initially discovered by the Ancient Greeks who hit upon the fact  that rubbing fur on amber caused an attraction between the two.  On December 31, 1879, after years of work and thousands of experiments, Thomas Edison gave the first public demonstration of the incandescent light bulb at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. An incandescent light has a thread-like object, or filament, that gives off light when heated to incandescence (hot enough to emit light) by an electric current.

Nikola Tesla And Thomas EdisonCredit: -googleEdison’s  invention was fascinating, but it had many problems which were ultimately resolved by Tesla, a young man, who  had moved to the United States in 1884. When he arrived, he worked as an assistant to Thomas Edison, then in his late 30's.. Edison promised Tesla lots of money in bonuses if he could get the bugs out. Tesla took the challenge and ended up saving Edison over $100,000, which was millions of dollars by today's standards. Edison failed to keep his promise and Tesla quit working there.  Edison spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Tesla (which is the main reason why Tesla is so unknown today).                                                      

Nikola Tesla-The Forgotten Father of Today

Nikola Tesla was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity, and is best known for developing the modern Alternate Current (AC) Electrical supply system. He was a Serbian Cyrillic ( 10July 1856- 7 Jan 1943) who wanted to give the world free energy, Tesla developed components of technology whereby it could be accomplished. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical achievement. He was of Serb descent and most of his work was conducted in the United States. His many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were based on the theories of electromagnetic technology discovered by Michael Faraday. Tesla’s patents and theoretical work also formed the basis of wireless communication and the radio.Nikola Tesla MuseumCredit: -google

The scope and details of Tesla's humanitarian contributions would need  MANY web pages  to describe. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things.

Tesla's Tower of Power

 As Tesla claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy from the voltage difference in the ionosphere that causes lightning, he was seen as a threat to the world energy economy and most of his inventions were classified for national security by the US government.

In 1905, a team of construction workers in the small village of Shoreham, New York laboured to Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower for FREE ENERGYCredit: www.panacea-bocaf.orgerect a truly extraordinary structure. Over a period of several years the men had managed to assemble the framework and wiring for the 187-foot-tall Wardenclyffe Tower, in spite of severe budget shortfalls and a few engineering snags. The project was overseen by its designer, the eccentric-yet-ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla . Atop his tower was perched a fifty-five ton dome of conductive metals, and beneath it stretched an iron root system that penetrated more than 300 feet into the Earth’s crust. “In this system that I have invented, it is necessary for the machine to get a grip of the earth,” he explained, “otherwise it cannot shake the earth. It has to have a grip… so that the whole of this globe can quiver.”

Tesla needed funds to complete his project , but his  investors (J.P.Morgan and few others) dropped the project when they realized there was no way to meter the power to make money on the end user. They did not want to spend money to provide free power to the world where they were not getting any returns. We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day — namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius.  He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other “captains of industry.” Upon Tesla’s death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day none of this research has been made public.

  Tesla was truly a man who knew the secrets of electricity. His thoughts on capturing free energy and transmitting it around the world was truly a humanitarian concept and the video explains how he was stopped by the greedy capitalists and how he died as a penniless man.( many geniuses, Tesla was not a conventional man. He gave his life to realize his visions, while others made millions with his inventions. Tragically, he died nearly forgotten.

Wireless Electricity- In Use To-day

Since Tesla's departure we've been trying to catch up for 100 years  and are still far behind the point where he was with his understanding of radiant energy. With reportedly over 700 patents awarded to him worldwide, no wonder it has taken us so long to catch up. The man who shaped the twentieth century, with his inventions is  now shaping the twenty-first century as we finally begin implementing his methods of tapping and distributing free energy. Now several companies are coming to market with technologies that can safely transmit power through the air -- a breakthrough that portends a beginning of our new electronic age.

HAARP ProjectCredit: Wired .com -google

 The government did not allow the free electricity for the public, but Tesla's knowledge has been Non military items are mostly at initial stages of development.diverted in many areas; this is evident in the adaptation of Tesla's technology by the military,  for non environmental self interest, examples of this are in their HAARP technology. HAARP Electromagnetic technology and high energy directed particle beams which can be used as space weapons. 

  1. Wireless power induction is already being used today in the form of electric toothbrushes. An electric toothbrush contains coils or loops in the toothbrush handle as well as in the base recharging unit.
  2. MIT Assistant professor and a 2008 MacArthur genius-grant winner, Marin Soljacic (pronounced SOLE-ya-cheech), has already a system to energize his Unmanned Aircraft With Wireless PowerCredit: democraticunderground .com-googleToshiba television set from a distance of 5 ft. 
  3. One of the examples of long-distance wireless power transmission is a 1980 experiment by Communications Research Center in Canada. The research centre used a small unmanned airplane designed for communications relay and capable of being powered from a power beamed from the station for this experiment. The experiment managed to prove that aircrafts can fly (2 km diameter flight path with an altitude of 21 km) for as long as several months without the need to land by using power beamed from a distant station.

Hopefully every rising sun will see more and more inventions related to wireless electricity. Things would have been very different if Tesla was provided all the funds and facilities. Late, but we have joined the race, and hopefully humanity shall soon have free and wireless electricity.