Best Safety Gifts for Children?

Free baby car seats for low income families is an issue that many people debate and cannot decide on. In some ways it seems like a very worthwhile use of money, as who can argue that keeping children safe on the roads is not a good thing to spend money on?

A life is something that should be valued highly enough for our society to do all it can to help protect it. If that means giving a little money out to help the parent afford to buy a car seat then it seems like a low amount to pay out for the high reward of children's safety.

The other side of the argument for having free baby car seats for low income families is that it should not be down to others to provide for the needs of children they do not even know. If you decide that you do not want to have children, why then should your taxes pay for other people to help look after theirs? Especially for those people who are not even in a position to own their own car. Shouldn't the tax money only be spent on things that everyone has access to?

Low income car insurance: Can You Get Cheap Insurance?

Low income car insurance is surely a myth? I have never heard of such a thing, and would be completely shocked to find out that it was true. Car insurance, although of great importance to many people, is not one of life’s necessities. The minute the government starts paying out to people to help them run their cars, we are all in trouble. It wasn’t that long ago that not too many people had a car, and it was considered to be a luxury item to own. People are perfectly capable of getting around by other means, but we have all become lazy, and think that it is our right to drive around, and it is not.

Getting low income life insurance would be great for many people, and would mean that they would be able to afford to run a car without too much hassle, but it should not be that easy. The government is alreadytaking funding away from important areas such as education and healthcare, so why would it start paying for someone to run their car with money it clearly does not have. A better way to spend this money would be to cut the taxes on petrol prices as this would help all drivers out.