What is free energy and how we can obtain it ? Why there are so many types of free, efficient and non-pollutant energies and they are not used by the big producers ?

These are two question we would try to explain in this small article. But before that, let's make a definition of what energy is.

Energy is a little difficult to understand at first sight because is not touchable. You cannot see it, you can not sense it with your immediate senses. Yes, if a radiator is very hot and you touch it you burn yourself. So, we can see an indirect effect of the heat which burned our hand. In fact, the radiator is hot not because its temperature but because its energy. Temperature is only a characteristic of the high state of energy.

Energy is something that we need to move objects, to change the behavior of things, to warm, to raise. A dragonfly in air needs energy to fly, a human cell needs energy to function, to walk in the park, to cook food, to speak, to drink, to think, the image from your LCD, a muscle to exert a force. Everything that changes behavior needs energy. Even when you see no direct evidence like the movement of the electrons. Electricity it's another form of energy which is carried by the electrons into the electrical cable. You don't see them because electrons are only seeable at atomic level with special devices. So energy is everywhere you can find something that change its state. But not only. Energy is done also by gravity.

We are now in the 21th century but our way of obtaining the energy has not greatly improved from thousands years. We are still using fossil rests which have much carbon inside them. Carbon was fixed in hundreds of millions of years through a process called photosynthesis by the plants. We are burning them inside the engines of the cars, planes, electric power plants and we transform it in mechanical force or electricity. But this process of burning the carbon fossils give besides energy a well known gas which is the carbon dioxide which is very toxic for the environment and for the biological life.

But we have now many inventions and ways in which we can transform the energy without polluting, energy which is not harmful for the environment. Why this is not used ? The answer is simple. Companies which are producing fuels used by vehicles control would loose a big amount of money if these energies would be allowed. And it's not only the companies implied here. Fuel companies feed the economy of the state with incredible amounts of money. The state is not interested to loose these sure money. It's an integral part of the economy and loosing this will mean to loose money. Economy will decrease and the problems will appear.

Free energies are welcomed but not encouraged because they make holes in the economy. How the state will tax you if you own produce your free energy unless special laws will be made ? Until it rest something to extract the fuel companies will not renounce. The state and the governments will greatly sustain the fuel producers them because this an entire chain of structures involved. Until the last drop. There are big money here and the money count here. Not the health of the people, not the environment. That's only money.

Luckily there are now many materials on the web which are presenting efficient ways of producing free and non-pollutant energy which don't require advanced technological knowledge. Everybody can do them. Search them and learn how to make your own free energy. Begin with small devices and continue. Every Watt of free energy counts. Search the internet. Success.