Free from the Worst Kind of Debt: Sin


It seems we cannot turn on the news without being reminded of the financial mess the world economy is in. Global debt is skyrocketing, personal bankruptcies are up, and entire countries have to be bailed out. 2008 feels like a long time ago but we are still feeling the effects today. It is hard to believe that the actions of a few companies could have such a global impact. The debt caused by their lack of judgment and poor choices has been spread out onto everyone. The debt level is so high that it will be paid by our children and our children’s children and even then it might still not be fully paid off.

There was a similar situation in history involving debt which was even worse than our current financial crisis. A young couple, Adam and Eve, took some bad advice and made a poor choice. It cost them everything they had ever known and they were even evicted from their home. The debt problem got even worse when they had their two sons, Cain and Abel. From then on everything compounded, with the amount to be repaid growing from generation to generation. It was a hopeless situation until one day a man appeared who had the solution. He would pay off the debt for everyone, and he did.

This was no ordinary debt, this was sin. Unlike monetary debt there is no refinancing, consolidating, or filing personal bankruptcy. With sin there was no way of paying off the debt on your own or with anyone’s help.  Being prudent does not help either. A unique quality of sin is that no matter how hard we try to avoid creating it, it happens anyway. Almost all of our thoughts and actions contribute to sin; it is part of our human nature. Sin is present from the moment of birth and continues to grow throughout life.

It took an extraordinary man to deal with this seemingly impossible situation. That man was Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He paid the debt for everyone but not just the past debt, the future debt as well. Though He was sinless and had no debt, He sacrificed Himself by taking on the sin of the world and paid off everyone’s debt. When He died upon the cross He erased all the debt created throughout time. He made us all debt free.