Basic knit hats for the whole family

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Brrr! It's getting cold outside and time to knit warm woolen accessories: caps, scarves, and mittens. Here are some free knit patterns for easy and quick holiday gifts, must-have easy hats for kids and adults - knit hat patterns to make quickly on circular needles. The first is a simple beret pattern with two versions and the second is a basic, but useful knit hat or beanie with a warm interlining you can adjust to fit men, women, and children.

Hermione's hat - Harry PotterCredit: knitnscribble

The slouchy beret worn by Hermione in Harry Potter movies is all the rage with kids and adult women. This is an easy knit hat pattern, similar to Hermione's, with simple knit and purl sts, using big yarn, chunky yarn (about 120 yards) on two 16" circular knitting needles  US 10 (6mm) and 10.5 (6.5mm) and a set of dpns for the decrease rows. The gauge is 3.5 sts = 1 inch.

Cast on 64 stitches on a 16" circular US10 (6 mm) needle. Place a marker for the beginning of the round and carefully join the stitches, so as not to twist.  Knit 1, purl 1 for seven rows.

Switch to US 10.5 (6.5 mm) needle for the increase row and the remainder of the hat.

Increase row:  K1, M1, K2, M1, *K3, M1,* ending K1. (86 sts)

Now, you will knit all rounds until the hat measures 6.5 inches from the cast on row.

Decrease rows:

  • Row 1: K1, *ssk, k17, k2tog,* end with k2tog, K1.
  • Row 2 and all even rows: knit around
  • Row 3: K1, *ssk, k15, k2tog* end with k2tog, K1.
  • Row 5: K1, *ssk, k13, k2tog* end with k2tog, K1.
  • At this point, you will need to separate your stitches on three or four dpn needles.
  • Continue decreases in the same manner, two less stitches each odd row, until 14 sts remain.
  • Cut yarn, leaving enough yarn to thread through remaining stitches and tie off. Whip end threads and Viola

Note: for smaller versions of the beret pattern, those with less slouch, decrease every row. Smaller version requires one skein of chunky yarn or about 109 yds.

Easy slouchy beret knit hat patternCredit: CrazyAuntPurl

                                                                                           Simple and quick slouchy beret by CrazyAuntPurl

    Knitting stitch lingo:

    • M1 = pick up and knit the link between two stitches
    • ssk= slip, slip, knit, or slip two stitches knit-wise, then knit the two slipped sts together (left slant decrease.)

    Easy knit hat pattern for men, women and kids

    Knit cap medium sizeCredit: Sharon Watterson

    Basic knit hat pattern with warm interlining - knitnscribble


    • one skein of worsted yarn, about 110 yds,  soft to the skin
    • US 8 (5 mm) and US 9 (5.5mm), 16" circular needles, dpns to close the top
    • gauge or tension is 4 sts = 1 inch.

    For a medium size hat (finished 20" unstretched), cast on 88 sts with smaller needle. (To enlarge or reduce the hat pattern, add or subtract sts in multiples of eight.) Join the row in the round and place a marker for the beginning of the round.  Knit all rounds for 2.5 inches.

    Bead row: Purl the next row. (This row is to mark the interlining of the hat. If you would like this row in a coordinating  color, then knit one row in the CC, then purl the bead row.)

    Bead row lining(66180)Credit: Sharon Watterson

    Change to larger needles and knit all rounds for 6 inches from bead row. (If you are knitting a smaller size, you will want to reduce the number of rounds to fit by 1/2 an inch. If knitting a larger size, increase the number of rounds by .5 - 1 inch.)

    Decrease rows:

    Row 1: K6, k2tog, 77 sts remain.Using dpns to decrease hat topCredit: Sharon Watterson

    Row 2 and all even rows: knit around

    Row 3: K5, k2tog, 66 sts remain.

    Row 5: K4, k2tog, 55 sts remain.

    Switch to dpns and separate stitches on three  or four needles with decreased sts at the left end of each needle.


    Decrease in same manner until 11 sts remain. Cut yarn long enough to thread through remaining sts and tie off. Finish hat by turning up cast on edge at bead row and sewing to inside of hat for warm interlining.

    Knit hat beanie pattern interliningCredit: Sharon Watterson

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