As we all know plants aint cheap and money don't grow on trees, but here's how to get free or cheap plants for your garden - complimentary garden advice is always good huh?

Without even asking

Whether you are new to gardening and just getting started or a seasoned gardener already, the best way to get free plants or seeds is to get talking with fellow gardeners. Gardeners love what they do and are of course proud of it (not that we won't admit disappointment in our failures) so are always happy to share. If you have friends or neighbours who are keen gardeners tell them what you intend doing. If say, you are keen to just start with succulents (a great starting point as they require so little attention) then you will receive plants and cuttings for sure. I have plenty of succulents and am constantly taking cuttings and multiply my collection. One, because I can, and two, because I actually like to give them away and inspire anyone keen to get into the ole gardening malarkey! Gardeners will also be happy to offer you any garden advice too if you are stuck and hooray, you've just scored yourself some free garden plants!

By asking

I know it sounds a bit scabby, but as the old saying goes. "If you don't ask, then you don't get". You may or may not have noticed "poorly" plants at nurseries or at the plant barn where you shop. Sometimes they are heavily discounted which is great if you can see that they will pick up with a bit of attention and are well worth the effort. However, sometimes plants may not be shifting and the store simply has too many sick looking plants to get rid of - so they cull!! It's a sad thing looking through the railings of an outdoor garden centre to see trays of half dead plants. These plants are just going to be thrown away but many can be nursed back to life. Enter the scavenger!!! Don't be embarrassed to ask staff if you could salvage some of them if they are just going to be trashed. Whilst there, you may as well ask for any gardening advice they have to offer, as, after all, they are the experts! I have scored lots of plants in this manner - mostly annuals but also a few natives and many perennials that are now perfectly healthy. Harsh pruning, a good drink and a dose of seaweed stew of worm tea along with some TLC has nursed most (but not all) back to life.

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