Resumes can come in many different templatesA resume is usually an indispensable part of a job application. While putting together a well-formatted resume might seem like a challenging task, it is not that difficult once you get down to it. It can be very helpful to see some free resume writing samples before you sit down to write your own. Below are some suggestions on where you can find resume samples to use as templates for your own.

Things You Will Need

A computer

Access to the internet


Community center

Career resources center

Step 1

Look online for career websites as these often contain sections on resume writing with free samples of resumes. These sites will often contain different types of resume samples corresponding to different careers or purposes. For example, a sample business resume will look quite different from one tailored for a college application. You can also combine elements of different types of resume templates if there isn't one that perfectly fits your needs.

Step 2

Search for scanned resumes online by doing an image search. For instance, you can search Google images for "resume samples", which should throw up hundreds of images of sample resumes of different styles.

Step 3

Go to a career resources center in your community. You can find these centers listed in the phonebook or in online directories. There may be a career resources division in your local community center as well. These will give you access to a wide variety of job hunting resources including sample resumes tailored to different formats. You may even be able to take free resume writing classes there, and there should be professionals there who can provide you resume reviews to help you improve your resume writing skills.

Step 4

If you are currently enrolled in college, visit your college career center. They are bound to have good examples of different types of sample resumes, and they will also be able to offer valuable resume writing advice. They might even be able to offer resume consulting services to help you improve your resume.

Step 5

Visit your local library and go to the career resources section. There should be a decent selection of books dealing with resume writing there. You can check out some of these books, or just photocopy the relevant pages so as to build up your personal collection of resume samples for every occasion.


Tips & Warnings

After having studied the free sample resumes carefully, write your own resume picking the styles and tips from the samples that make sense for you. Make sure to have someone review your resume for spelling, grammar, style and content errors.