How to survive in an urban environment, the possibilities of freerunning.

Freerunning is a modern-day sport which usually takes place in urban locations, such as cities and abandoned buildings. But it could be an invaluable skill for survival in urban areas. Imagine you're walking the sideways at night when suddenly a mugger pulls a knife, comes up to you and asks you for your money. If you don't have any self-defense skills you're likely to lose some belongings. This is where the freerunning part comes in, since it would only take you a matter of seconds to escape from your attacker and safely contact the police without losing any valuables in the process. The basic idea behind freerunning is getting from point A to point B as fast as possible, while at the same time giving you complete freedom in achieving it. This modern-day sport built on the basic principle of parkour but at the same time it involves aesthetics and other disciplines to give it a personal touch.

The main idea of freerunning being an incredible survival tool for urban areas comes from the way our infrastructure works, it's designed to lead people down certain paths and obstacles to reach their destination. This also creates places for an ambushes and dead ends in which you could find yourself trapped, now as you can probably guess this sport gives you an opportunity to escape those nasty situations and increase your safe being. Seeing as self-defense can only take you so far when being outnumbered by people who wish you harm, your safest bet would be to escape. As demonstrated by Bear Grills in this video. It also shows the possibility on how you might use everyday obstacles to your advantage to escape from any potential threat, such as robbers, rapists and zombies. Human beings needed particular skill-sets during different ages to survive, in the middle ages one needed basic swordsmanship to defend themselves, in the modern-day urban environment it's being capable to protect oneself from crimes or fire. Seeing as martial-arts can't really help you when being vastly outnumbered or in a burning building, your safest bet would be to escape and that's why freerunning is a practical ability to possess.

To start learning there are just a few prerequisites, the capability to commit and not fearing new things. Because it's actually quite easy if you can stay dedicated to keep on practicing. There's a lot of information available on the subject,  on YouTube you'll find many videos  demonstrating the basics and exercises that you can do at home. The community of freerunners is also more than willing to help people get started, a great place to check out is the 3run forum. Although it might be difficult at first, once you're in the right direction it will give you tremendous satisfaction and a great physical condition.