This article you are reading right now was a result of my frustration with writing. I was having trouble finding motivation to write a new article here on InfoBarrel because the results simply weren't showing up. In frustration, I have decided to try out a technique I learned ago many years ago called Free Writing. Basically, you just sit in front of my computer screen and begin typing away.


It doesn't matter if the quality of your writing isn't perfect just yet. You will always have time to fix and edit later. The whole purpose of this exercise is to write! I read in a book many years ago that you should not wait for inspiration to hit you in order to write or to create. You should just sit down in front of your computer or your empty canvass and begin to write/paint. That's the only way you can successfully create day after day. If you get bogged down by not having enough good ideas or thinking of all the excuses possible for not writing, you'll never make any money.


I still have faith in InfoBarrel and I'm hoping that if I just keep writing every single day, eventually the money will start to come in.


I'm still torn however between two ideas and maybe you can help me with this. (If you can, please lease me a comment with your opinion). Basically, is it best to write about what you love? Or write about what is profitable. I don't want to be a starving writer and I've read before that in order to make money you'll have to build your business in a profitable niche - maybe a niche other people would never touch. The reasoning behind this is because there is demand in that niche and nowhere there to fill it, you can make money! I've also heard of the complete opposite too. This second theory says that if you only follow your heart and do what you love to do, the money will take care of itself. The money will follow, they say. So, I'm confused. I don't know which path to take... Who is right?


I almost feel like writing about topics that do not interest me is soulless... but a man's gotta eat! and he needs to do what he needs to do in order to survive in this world. Right?


What do you think?


On another note, I wanted to remind you that this whole article was written using a technique called free writing. Basically, I just sat down in front of my keyboard and began typing whatever was in my head. Well, within reason too. Could you imagine if someone wrote about everything that was going through his head? That could be an interesting experiment. I always wondered how other people think and whether or not they think the same way I think. I'm guessing they don't. After all, we're all unique right?


Well I hope you liked this article or at the very least were entertained or maybe you're just happy you learned about this technique called free writing. It's effective, fast, and fun!


Writing can be therapeutic and just now at the very end of this article, I had a great idea for what to write about. Every day, I believe, I'd like to keep a journal of my day-to-day activities. Almost like a blog. Who knows, maybe it will earn me a little money too. You never know? So stay tuned!


Good luck to you on your journey and thanks for taking the time to read this!

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