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Freebie Trading Tutorial

Freebie Trading is where people complete offers with fortune 500 companies in exchange for getting cash or prizes. Many of the offers are free (or inexpensive) trial offers. A Freebie Trader is someone who pays for referrals, or gets paid to be referred to a Freebie Site. A Freebie Site is a site that hosts the offers and gives prizes to people for completing the trial offers and for referring others to complete the offers as well. The Freebie Sites make their money by getting paid from affiliate networks. These networks are responsible for the offers you see on the Freebie Site. The money you can earn can range anywhere from $40.00 - $120.00 per referral.

That is the basic idea on how it works. You will use your assigned referral links to drive people to your freebie site. When you first get started, you will get paid for going green on sites for another trader such as yourself. Then that trader or mentor will show you how to move on to getting your own referrals.


 1.  Get paid to complete offers

  In the first method, you get paid to complete offer requirements at the Freebie Sites. I will refer you to a few sites and will pay you when you have gone green on each site. What does to go green mean? To go green you register at a Freebie site (using someone's referral link) and complete the offer requirements. On most sites, that means you complete one credit worth of offers. There are some sites that are half credit and some that are more then one credit. The great thing about doing this is that YOU GET PAID!

2. Get paid directly from Freebie Sites

 In Method Two, you will get paid directly from the Freebie Sites. You get paid for referring others to complete offers. This is the method that makes you the real money over the long term. The great thing about Method 2 is that you no longer have to complete offers. Your main goal is getting referrals, and for every referral you get, you can receive from $10 and $60, depending on which site they complete.

Freebie trading is the best way to make money. You will make money quick and have an endless choice of daily freebies. There are several Freebie forums out there on the net that you can join and trade with other traders in the business. The number of freebie websites online is also endless. There are tons and tons of websites that you can complete and then start your referral programs for each of those sites. If you have 10 sites in your portfolio, then that is 10 separate revenue streams for you. This business is the perfect way to earn cash daily or other exciting prizes like an Xbox 360, Apple iPhone, Blu-Ray Players, etc. If you are a single mother, single father, part time worker, college student, and need to make extra money, then this is the perfect business to venture in.

As of 2012, Freebie Trading still has a lot of growth and is definitely far from being over saturated like many other online businesses, today. You will need to stay organized by making a spreadsheet of the offers that you complete and the dates that you need to cancel your trials so that you are not charged for regular memberships. Organization is key since you will be using your credit cards to complete these offers. The host companies do not allow the use of Prepaid debit cards so you will need a valid credit or debit card. As with any business venture, start out small and work your way up to the big leagues.  By all means, Freebie Trading will NOT make you rich, but it will bring in a nice supplemental income.