With the worries of power shortages, brown outs, and the fast use of non-renewable energy resources, there has been more and more demand for alternative energy sources. The daily warning heard on the news and from scientists about the impending environmental disaster that can occur through inaction has been more than alarming for some people. So, if you're wondering what you could do to help the environment, one of the most effective things you could do is live independent of the power grid. Living free from the use of city power using alternatives like solar or wind energy is not only good for the environment, but also good if you like to save money. If you were able to get power from sources besides from the city, you could save several thousand dollars in energy bills per year.

What are some of the advantages of living off the power grid?

  • One person/home and one step closer to being less dependent of non-renewable energy resources. Each every person that uses a home solar power system instead of city power helps further the world's goal of being green.
  • No more inconvenient power outages. How many times were you doing something really important or were having a party and the power goes out? How awesome would it sound if you didn't have to deal with power outages?
  • Freedom to use and spend electricity as you please. During those hot summer months, if you're living off the power grid, you could have your air conditioning blowing at full blast. You wouldn't have to worry about that month's electricity bill because all that power is made for free by you. Using the natural power sources like wind and solar energy can do precisely just that.
  • Reduced cost of living. Why should you have to worry about having to pay for your electricity bill every month? How often did you get a bill in the mail at a time when you just didn't have the money to pay for it? What if you made those bills disappear? Choosing to use alternative energy and getting off the power grid will not only eliminate those electricity bills but begin paying you back with those reduced energy costs.
If you think that to live off the grid is impossible would be too expensive or impractical: think again. You could get started for less money than you think (a lot less).