Freedom of Speech and Human Rights, Not In This Family.

freedomSince the 60s freedom and the right to decide have become very important to daily life. The United Nations have drafted countless articles about human rights and the "Rights" of children and women. It is interesting to see how everyone talks about the need for their rights to be respected. How many times have your read in the news about criminals who have committed atrocities, hiring lawyers to defend their human rights and freedom of speech. These criminals did not take any care to respect the rights of their victims but they still tend to want theirs respected. It is now so common that the words human right and freedom of speech have become somehow meaningless.

The same can be seen when people openly criticize others in the name of the freedom to express their opinions. Subsequent generations since the late 50s and early 60s have been raised and fed these ideas. A lot of parents in the western world are now afraid to chastise their children just in case they might breach their human rights. Can you imagine your child being disrespectful and swearing at you? He has a right to his opinion and he also has the right to say whatever he wants. Well, how far does freedom of expression go in a family? This will depend a lot on your family. If you are from a Latino, African, or Asian heritage, you already know that there is nothing like freedom of speech when you are a child. You do as you are told and that is all there is to the question. If you were to swear at your parents, you will need more than the blood of Jesus to save you. You will need an immediate miracle. It will not even occur to you to be vocal about your disapproval of the house rules. You will thread the fine line between being grumpy and being vocal carefully. You know the consequences of your failure to fall in line with the house rules can be far-reaching.

In modern western culture, things have progressed to the point where no one knows what freedom of speech is. You sometimes see pathetic scenes in some families. Children swear at their parents and demand to be respected because they have "human rights". I blame our "advanced" civilization for the lack of direction. I also blame the parents for being permissive and devoid of authority. I blame everyone for being confused.

The problem with human rights and free speech is that we have gone from one extreme to the other. It has now become trendy to say whatever you want without regards for others. With the religious tensions in the world at the moment, most people have learned that freedom has its limits. You are allowed to think about some issues and are advised to keep your opinion to yourself. Those who have been foolish enough have had to pay a high price for their freedom. You could look up the name "Theo Van Gogh" on the internet. He met a terrible end for being vocal and exercising is freedom of speech. He forgot that freedom of speech is not synonymous to stupidity.

Recently facebook caused controversy when someone thought it would be a good idea to encourage others to draw the picture of the prophet Mohammed. That caused a lot of controversy in the Muslim world and got access to facebook blocked. Does that imply that you cannot draw a picture of the prophet? If you don't want to be harassed on even killed you will stay away from some controversy. What if you draw a picture of the prophet and put it up on your wall? That is freedom of speech. You will also want to make sure you don't have any Muslim friends who might be sensitive to such issues. At the moment there are some hot issues that are better left untouched.

For any society to function correctly democracy is not always the answer. Democracy doesn't even make sense because it doesn't exist. Its only existence lies in ideals. It lies in our head and our conception of living in a democracy. True democracy is unattainable. Why? We cannot achieve it without encroaching on the rights of others. Hierarchy is needed in any civilization. We all have different point of view on almost every major topic in life. The more people you ask about any issue, the more likely you will receive an array of answers and divergence in opinions. How are you then ever going to achieve your goal with everyone trying to chip in? That is why a hierarchical society is the way forward.

freedom familyThis of course will have to start in the family. Parents have to set the tune to which the children dance. You can't have children deciding what they want and what they dislike. You as a parent need to take the lead. Why is society in such disarray with regards to parenting and children rearing? Because we have all gone the wrong way. Children should be loved and respected, but they still have to be told what to do. If children are that intelligent as some will like us believe, why do toxic products always state, keep out of the reach of children? Children have certain level of intelligence, but they generally lack maturity or wisdom. That is what parents need to instill. This has nothing to do with human rights and the rights of children. It is just basic common sense. You would probably argue that if it is basic common sense, why isn't it so common in many families? That is a valid point and another topic.

Freedom of speech and human rights are a load of rubbish because there is no effective way to implement them. What has been happening over the years could be termed "improvisation". Nobody knows really were to go, so we improvise as we go and hope the decisions that are taken today will be beneficial in the future. As of today, we cannot say that human rights and freedom of speech have made us more humane and loving. It has brought awareness to a lot of evil deeds that should be avoided. It has helped shaped the way we see ourselves and others. It has helped us realize we are limited by the very fact of being humans. It has shown us that we still need to strive to achieve balance between the relative freedom we now enjoy and the absolute freedom we constantly seek.