One of the most interesting aspects of travel for Americans is that we can literally go almost anywhere on Earth. People in the United States may struggle to travel to certain areas such as North Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other areas such as these but for the most part the World is open.

As a member of a free Country you can travel around the World. Many people in some Countries are greatly limited on traveling. How many visitors does your Country get of people From Countries such as North Korea? Yep, so you should feel lucky that you can            travel. Often there are only 2 things limiting people from Traveling. The 2 things are money and fear.

Obviously we need to have money to travel. If you want to fly from Miami, Florida to Paris, France then you obviously need to have your passport and some money. If you got money you can travel pretty much anywhere. Imagine if you were rich and could travel whenever you wanted to and money was no object! That would be awesome but there would still be people that would limit their travel from fear.

Some people are afraid to fly. Some potential travelers have a fear of traveling to a different Country. If you are afraid to fly then I can offer no advice. I know you have heard that driving a car is much more dangerous than flying, but you need to get over this yourself. If your fear is traveling to a new Country then the best advice I can offer is to take a guided tour.

By going on a guided tour you will be with other travelers and you will have a professional tour guide who will help to make you feel comfortable. A guided tour is like having someone hold your hand. Some experienced travelers feel severely limited by a fully-guided tour but it is still highly recommended for new travelers who are nervous about visiting a foreign Country for the first time.


By going on a guided tour you will have someone with you all almost all the time; however you will have time to get dinner on your own or to wonder around the area near your hotel in the evening time or afternoon time for a few hours. This little amount of time can often help to build up the confidence of new travelers and help them to feel more confident to travel without the guided tour the next time they visit a foreign Country.

All people should travel. You budget may only allow you to drive your car 100 miles and camp in a tent for the weekend. That is OK because you are still traveling. You need to travel periodically so you can increase you view of the World.

Some people can afford to travel anywhere and will choose locations because they want to impress people, but are truly desiring to go somewhere else. If you go to Paris, France simply so you can tell other people you went to Paris then you should slap yourself now if you would rather travel somewhere else. If you have always wanted to go to Russia but instead choose to go to Paris because it may “impress other people more” then you are acting very stupidly. Yes you will probably enjoy your trip to Paris but you will not be near as excited as if you had gone to Russia instead. It is vital that you choose to visit places that you have an interest in.

Traveling affords us the ability to meet new people. People from all over the World vary drastically in a lot of ways, but overall you will learn that mankind as a whole truly wants to get along and meet new people as opposed to constantly fighting and being mean to people. You will also meet jerk people but overall you can expect to meet more nice people.

Travel MagazineCredit: people travel they often stress out over getting to their destination and they do not enjoy the journey. It does not matter whether you are driving, flying, riding the rail, or some other transportation method because you should take the time to enjoy the entire trip and not just the destination. Instead of slapping on your headphones on the airplane take the time to meet the guy or woman sitting next to you because they could become a lifelong friend. At the very least you may simply get some fun and interesting conversations. If you are traveling for example to South Korea and the person sitting next to is from South Korea then you can speak with them and get a locals perspective eon things you should visit and other travel tips.

Traveling to other Countries can be made easier and more fun by speaking the local language. If you travel for example to Mexico then it can help to learn some Spanish. You do not need to become fluent in Spanish but it helps a lot if you can at least speak some basics and know how to ask where the closest bathroom is.

Being able to travel long distances quickly and relatively cheaply is a great thing about our modern society. In the past we our ancestors may have had to ride a horse hundreds of miles but today we can simply hop into our car or jump on an airplane and get wherever we may want to go much quicker.

If you have not traveled much then you need to begin traveling. Traveling can become very addicting and fortunately in our society with the Internet we can even fund our future travels by blogging about our trips and monetizing the blog with ads from Google Adsense and affiliate programs. That would be the best part of living if you could not only travel where you wanted to but to also be able to get paid to do it. If you cannot afford to travel right now then at least put down the television remote and go for an extended drive in your car.