Are you in search for a freelance job that incorporates hands-on work with people skills? Self-employment with decent possibilities and prospects? A freedom to work inside and outdoors? Try it out to be the massage therapist; this could probably satisfy all your needs.

Applying to be Certified Massage Therapist

Massage therapists have to touch their clients with their hands. The majority of freelancers are inclined to offer their services in their own house or in the client's residence. Experts who have this type of job an obliged to be certified in their state - and each state has rather diverse requirements.

You can check "state-by state search", here you can find out what are you required to do in order to become certified in the said field.

Start Working as a Massage Therapist

Even quite gifted and intelligent experts cannot simply come to a decision to work as massage therapists someday and immediately start earning cash. Specific training is needed to learn the methods this type of job takes; however, massage therapy courses and schools are very widespread. There are large numbers of reasonably priced programs out there for people who are willing to try themselves in this career path. As usual, massage therapy courses will recommend career resources that even help experts making cash with their new job.

Freelance Job Suggestions for Masseurs

Making money as a self-employed masseur is quite similar to working in any sphere. Actually, freelancing of all types requires hard work. Now, that is what required for making this job alternative a full time work:

  • Discovering jobs. Self-employed massage therapists must take the initiative to find jobs. Why not come up to doctor's offices and hospitals that might suggest experts for help in massage therapy? It is fine idea to search for job with day spas and other businesses that offer massages. There is a big massage services market and you can use all opportunities to make money.

  • Advertising. You need to get some direct clients. This can be realized with the help of massage services advertising. Set up a phone book listing, make a website, advertise online. You can use numerous methods to for self-PR. Constantly leave contact information, also try networking to discover new job possibilities and contacts.

  • In the search of work. Do not only advertise your services, try to really search for opportunities. Often check online and print classifieds to find fresh listings in massage therapy and freelance job opportunities.