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Freelance writing online can be great source of passive or supplemental income in addition to a regular job or a work-at-home situation to help purchase those little extras for yourself and/or your family. Also, if you have enough time and become good enough, you may even be able to transition to making online writing a primary source of income. Granted there are also those of us who don’t really care about money and just want to get our writing out there; a doorway, if you will, to allow our creative forces to permeate the world. Whatever your reasons for writing online, I’ve made a short list of the pros and cons of several of the websites I’ve used over the years (and are still up and running) and their various pros and cons.

1) Helium.com


• Instant Pay- After Helium gets your article, they pay you almost immediately the 1-3 dollars that you get writing per article.

• Keyword Optimization- Your days of searching Google Adwords to find what’s trending and people will search for with low competition are over. Helium will look up optimal keywords and assigns you topics to write about so that you don’t have to do that nasty keyword Optimization yourself.

• Competitions- Helium posts a plethora of contests continuously that have varying levels of authors vying for the prize. The payouts vary as much as the topics and I’ve seen as low as 10$ and as high as 250$ for the top ranking article in whatever category their advertising.


• Loss of Content- When you sign up for Helium.com and accept their terms and conditions, you lose any and all rights to your content as soon as it is posted on their page. It becomes a huge hassle if you want to delete or alter your material; and don’t even think about trying to post it anywhere else.

• Restrictive Topics- The same system that allows for ideal keyword optimization unfortunately limits what you can write because you have to fall under some pre-established category they’ve determined will help you rank on search engines.

• Bad Adshare- Probably more than any other site I’ve written for, Helium guards its profits jealously. They’ll pay you for your article, but don’t expect large amounts of residual income or to make money on anything you post in the long-run.

• Peer Editing- Before your article posts, users on Helium are required to read through two articles written on the same topic and decide which of the two is better which helps establish your article’s ranking on the Helium website underneath that specific topic. You could be the only article in a specified topic or there could be hundreds, it’s all kind of luck of the draw. This system is also used if you propose an edit on an article you already posted where fellow writers choose what they believe to be the better of the two articles. Basically, if you just want to go in and fix a comma real quick and the person reading through doesn’t catch the error, your edit may not go through.

The Verdict: Helium is great if you just want to make some side cash. It probably won’t become a primary source of income and you lose the rights to your work but if you just want to have some fun and make a little money too, Helium is great for you.

2) Ymidoingthis.com


• Freedom- On Ymidoingthis you can post literally whatever you want (within reason) giving users the ability to write what they please and really get their name out there. The administration rarely makes changes to your literary masterpieces which is somewhat refreshing for a free-lance writing website. The freedom also continues in the formatting where users can make their article their own and format it to be visually appealing to their individualized audiences using a fairly easy-to-use wordpress system.

• Good Adshare- Ymidoingthis gives you 70% of all adsense profits, which is a lot compared to some websites. It also allows you to post Amazon Affiliate and any other independent advertisements you want to put on your article to garner full profits from. There are also no rules about linking or referrals to other sites so, like away!

• Easy to Use- This site is great for beginners because you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get your content published. Additionally, unlike most freelance sites, there is no set age requirement so it’s great for young and old, the experienced and those just starting to get into freelance writing.


• Rankings- Being a fairly new website, your articles probably won’t be ranked incredibly high in most search engines making adsense kind of difficult. However, you can traverse this issue by posting links to your articles on other websites.

• Slow Servers- Again, probably due to the newness of it, the servers can get kind of slow while you’re working on your article which can really be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you haven’t saved in a while, but I assume this problem will be fixed relatively soon.

• Payment- Unfortunately you don’t get payments from the website itself and you have to link your own Adsense, Amazone Associates, Chikita and any other advertisements you might want to show up on your page; which is also unfortunate if you are under 18 because, even though you can still post on Ymidoingthis, you won’t be able to get paid.

The Verdict: This is a great site for beginning freelancers due to its easy layout and lack of restrictions on content. It’s pretty much an infant in the freelance writing world so it has a lot of room to grow and your writing can grow with it.

3) Contributors.yahoo.com


• Credibility- Being part of the Yahoo Network can really build your credibility as a writer and it looks better on a resume that many of the more obscure websites you can write for. Plus it’s always cool to tell your friends “yeah, I work at Yahoo”.

• Payment Options- While working for Yahoo they allow you to choose, per article posted, what type of payment method you want. You can choose between an upfront payment, adshare, or an exclusive where Yahoo will attempt to sell your article to other websites and pay you based off of how much those websites paid for your article.

• Reliability- Many of these freelance sites come and go again (believe me, I’ve written for a couple whose times have long since passed) but I think we can all count on Yahoo to be around for a while and make sure you actually get paid when they say they are going to pay you.


• Lower Payouts- With such a big company and so many people vying to work for such a giant in the online media world, Yahoo doesn’t have to pay huge sums of money to its authors in order to get people to write for them. The prestige and possibility of getting your name seen by, potentially, millions is enough to forgo large amounts of cash which keeps payments low for any given author.

• Age Requirement- Now this won’t apply to most freelance writers but, to be post on Yahoo as a Yahoo contributor, you do have to be 18 years old. So this isn’t a great place for any young, aspiring authors out there.

The Verdict: Yahoo is a great place to work for mostly so that you can say you’ve worked for them. It kind of works as a gateway for various other writing opportunities and, if you’re a successful enough writer, you have the potential to make it big and become a widely-known online journalist or blogger.

4) Bubblews.com


• Addictiveness- Oftentimes, you get started writing for a website or company and your all gung-ho ready to go, your super active, participating, and posting. Soon enough though, your attention span begins to wane and you find it hard to get on and write anything. This is really not the case when you work for Bubblews and writing for them is almost, dare I say I, fun. Bubblews has a very social media feel to it and making money is partially contingent on connecting and commenting on other users’ work and vice versa.

• Quick Posts- Bubblews is very lax about what you can post… with only a 400 character minimum on posts it really does feel as simple as posting a quick status update on Facebook and, while quality articles are more likely to earn revenue, you can write about whatever you want and they will pretty much post immediately.

• Instant Profit- The very first day I was on Bubbelews, I started seeing a steady increase in my profits on the site. Bubbelews pays you 50/50 adshare based on every page view, like, comment, dislike, and share you get so, with everybody you’ve connected with getting a notification when you post something new, it’s easy to start earning.

• Socialization- Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you like to socialize and become active on the website that you’re writing for but if you don’t, this probably isn’t the site for you. A vast majority of your pageviews, likes, and comments will derive from other members on the site due to the fact that Bubblews doesn’t have a high flow of outside traffic, and so to make money it really is contingent on developing connections and meaningful relationships with other Bubblews authors.

• Trivial Content- Unfortunately, because of the quick posting and low character minimum, there is a lot of inane content that makes its way onto Bubbelews. This will be a problem for many serious writers as their articles on Bubblews won’t receive the credibility and recognition they might receive on more reputable sites.

• Limited Formatting Capabilities- Bubbelews has exceptionally basic formatting tools and you are kind of forced into the same Facebook-Status like mold that everybody else uses making it difficult to create posts that are unique and individualized.

The Verdict: Bubbelews is probably one of the best side-income opportunities you can find on the web right now and it looks like it is growing at an exponential rate. The only downside is the social network feel of the website and the lack of professionalism in the content at times.

5) Infobarrel.com


• Editing System- Infobarrel isn’t too bad about getting your article published and generally your articles will be online within 24 hours. Occasionally they will deny an article but, if it should happen, then they are fairly good about giving constructive feedback that adds quality to your article and gets it up and ready for viewing as soon as possible.

• Professional Articles- In part do to the editing system in place, the vast majority of the articles found on Infobarrel are quality content that you would be proud to have your work beside. They don’t just accept any drivel to be posted on their pages which helps improve the quality of the website and its credibility on search engines.

 • Long-Term Payments- The way Infobarrel works, it is based upon you make money of your Google Adsense, Chikita ads, and Amazon Associate links and you will make money, well, forever. This site is definitely for people who are ready for a long term relationship with the site.

• Formatting Compromises- Infobarrel does a fantastic job of compromising uniformity on the site and author creativity. The formatting tool is one of the easiest and self-explanatory of any of the free-lance websites. It allows for the site to have a central theme to all its articles while allowing for the individuality between posts.


• Time Consuming- There’s no quick-money on Infobarrel and you definitely have to work for what you earn. If you are good at online writing, Infobarrel can be a rewarding option for you but it will take time and a lot of writing.

• Disinterest- Probably going hand in hand with how time-consuming it is to become successful, it is really easy to grow tired of Infobarrel when you don’t see the types of profits you’d like and a general boredom while writing articles that are generally a little longer than most people are used to.

The Verdict: Infobarrel is great if you are a serious writer who is committed to writing a lot of articles and sticking it out for the long haul.

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