All the saying goes that the project owner is your bread and butter in freelancing writing. In freelancing writing, building strong and healthy relationship is essential if you want to make a business. But every customer is just the first part of the puzzle. It is necessary to keep customers once a project is completed and it is something you need to practice with each new customer that you pursue.

How you can keep a customer after project is completed:
Know your stuff: The most important thing when you work with a client that you should know the stuff very well. When someone is going to hire you, it is imperative to keep that trust going through during the whole process that you are familiar with what you do.

Know your customers: Without knowing your customer, it is very difficult what your customer wants. Ask to him questions if you need to spend time talking and pay attention to what your customer says. If he has a website or blog, you can take a little time to read about them and learn more about the customer and their likes, dislikes and much more. It will help you a lot when you really know your client.

Ask for feedback: Ask for feedback from the project and conditions at the ending of a project. At the end of a project you can utilize a questionnaire to attain feedback and support for future services to get to the customer.

Keep documentation: Particularly larger ones you should always keep document everything you can throughout the project. Keep a log of what you did so you can give him status reports or the final project. It shows the customer that you value your time and his professional and you love what you do.

Underpromise and overdeliver: Make reasonable goals for your clients, then work hard to give them a little more each time. You should not make promises that you cannot keep. There is nothing to impress the client more if you have already tried so hard to win a project and reveal everything you have any characteristics. One way you can do with deadlines. If you think it takes five working days instead of 7 when said hard work and try to finish in fourth, even though it completely in the projected five days, it looks like it two days early for your customers.

Keep an open communication: Communicating with your client, makes him realize that you are very hard worker and it also good if you face any problem while working. You do not need to communicate with the client all the day but you need to communicate at least once a day.

Suggest supplementary projects: Sometimes, your customer need to know what else you can do for him. He could be looking for additional services, but does not know that you are expert in that area. Or perhaps you can admit an idea in his brain, which he didn’t need. It's so simple and can you sign in a new project in no time!

Provides a referral or repeat customer discount: After a project is completed, let your customers know that a discount for him on his next project with you. Alternatively, offer him that if they refers to a friend or colleague, you will give a discount on his next project. This creates the conditions for future work and you can afford if you do not want to lose time to find a new customer or risk new customers. Hold a customer if you get a good one.