A freelance writer is someone who writes for no particular employer for a long term or short term deal. Freelance writing is self-employment with the writer normally represented by an agency or if not, can be an independent contractor. Some of the common fields in writing include music, film making, journalism, publishing, acting, cosmetics, screenwriting, and fragrances, editing, copywriting, event planning, proofreading, and event management. It varies depending on assignments or projects required by clients.

Freelance Writing Contracts and Payments

Writers can only rely upon a written contract or a verbal agreement to do writing projects on per hour, per day, per piece or bulk projects rate. Payment arrangements may be collected upon completion of the written project or percentage deposits before a freelancer agrees to do the contract. Some freelancers are paid based on the value of the project’s results. Bulk projects may require a contract and milestones to be set up which will be agreed upon by both parties. This payment scheme is usually employed by freelance writing agencies to ensure that contracting parties get equal maximum protection to benefit from a successful deal.

Freelance Writing - Other Opportunities Online

In today’s progressive technology, freelancers take a more lucrative position with expanded available markets such as website design, advertising, open innovations, information technology, translation, wImage: Jomphong / FreeDigitalPhotos.netCredit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2112riting, editing, copy editing, proofreading, e-book publishing and blogging. Freelancers enjoy freelance writing jobs online with a variety of projects to choose from and often being able to do so at a comfortably self-paced work schedule.

The experience brought about in accepting various freelance writing projects can establish a stable freelance writing career with a network of clients and enhanced portfolio. Some work can be shared with other freelancers to collaborate on bulk orders from clients who may require multiple and massive writing outputs. They may also require specific targeted experience and skills. This virtual agency model benefits new players who usually do not get jobs right away because they lack the credits to boast of a writing portfolio.

A popular trend in the freelancer market is veering towards freelance content writing ideal for those seeking part time job as a writer. Content may be focused on marketing writing, business writing, or web writing. Part-time writing can also focus on content for anthologies, magazines, newspapers, grants, research papers, proposal development and other academic writing for non-profit organizations like religious groups and universities. 

Freelance writing is easy especially when you enjoy writing about topics of your particular interests. But if you are seriously considering it is a possible a career, it is best to check out websites for freelancers where you can find projects which meet your personal interests. If you like blogging, browse on sites where you can get paid to blog like Blogger.com, SocialSpark, Flixya, B5Media and PayPerPost.  Browsing on other sites will really depend on your interests, needs, and skills as a vendor or provider.

If you enjoy writing reviews or travelogs, stick to what you like and browse on related websites. You may be like some writers who prefer to hold on to ownership of their written articles. If this is the case, you must carefully read the terms and conditions when registering for a new writing website. In any writing job, it is also important to know about rates, payment scheme, and earning opportunities that are acceptable for you. Passive income from writing sites can be most rewarding but if you need quick money then short term freelance writing projects are better options.

Freelance Writing Recommendations

There are no shortcuts to freelance writing. Once you accept a job, your responsibility to deliver good quality articles is of utmost priority. Be consistent with your writing style. Treat every project in the business-like fashion. Even if you sometimes feel that you are just after cashing in the money as fast as you can, you should never compromise quality work that is expected of you at all times. Remember that freelance writing opportunities, as the old cliché says, knock but once. Do not miss out on your chances. What you write is a reflection of what you are – a freelance writing professional.

The Internet is becoming a monstrous wealth of freelance writing gigs. If you have been doing this for quite some time now, you will probably be overwhelmed by more new sites and gigs lurking on your windows every time you go online. On one site alone, you can search for thousands of options. A day may not be enough to browse all sites but it pays to shop around to compare which gigs suits your style and personal interests. There are sites that pay out high freelancing rates on easy gigs while other sites offer challenging freelance writing projects with fees based on your value-credits.

There is also a constant buildup of new gigs every day. If you are really interested in making freelance writing a full time career, then start writing now. Never make excuses for not writing when you have all the time and even when you just feel lazy to do so. Jot some notes instead and go back to them when you are feeling better.

Knowledge is power as they say. Read and make this your second priority. Read articles relevant to freelance writing to know more about the latest trend. Read testimonials to improve your creativity. Take long breaks and observe places and people you have never seen or met before. Review your past works. Be honest and list down things that need improvement – writing style, vocabulary, and writing elements to enhance overall structure. Befriend other freelancers or join a small group of vendors. Learn important tips and pointers on how to sustain a rewarding freelance writing career. Study special techniques and skills to enhance your freelance writing style. Learn from your experiences along the way. Lastly, pay it forward by sharing the good things you’ve learned to friends and family who may become interested in freelance writing too.