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Online freelance writing is very often a gamble. When it comes to freelance writing for online sites like Info Barrel you never know how much money you're going to make. With so many freelance writing options on the internet today many writers want to know what works and what doesn't! Which online writing site is worthy of your precious time and effort? Which will earn you the most money? Which sites will help you succeed as a freelance writer? Which site in general will be the best for you and your writing? These questions are found within the minds of all new writes until they have found their way, through trial and error, to a place that they are happy with. A place that encourages their growth as a freelance writer, promotes their development, and earns them money.

It deciding what site to write for it is helpful to see what others have experienced in regards to their journey as a writer, this gives new writers insight to the many different online resources available to them. A writer does not typically have time to try each and every single option available to them. Additionally, freelance writers don't want to play the game of trial and error when it comes to their hard work. I myself have learned so much through stories of other writes and their experiences and reviews on specific sites. Reading what others have found in regards to their overall writing experience and money making potential really helps to narrow down the options. Knowing the pros and cons of various sites is a huge help in making this very important decision of which community you would like be a part of and earn money writing for. I thought I would give back by offering new writers a glance at my experience so far freelance writing for Info Barrel, one of the many online freelance writing options that are available.

This review is an overview of the money I have made thus far as a freelance writer on Info Barrel. If you would like further information on the pros and cons of various online writing sites I highly suggest reading The Truth About Article Submission Revenue Sharing Websites, written by fellow Info Barrel Member, x3xsolxdierx3x, as it is most helpful if you are new to the online world of writing and would like some literature on various freelance writing sites to help you narrow down your options.

Info Barrel Basics

If you are new to Info Barrel or have not yet joined heres a quick overview:

Info Barrel has been up and running for over a year, yet it is still considered a newer online content submission site when compared to other more established and well known sites like eHow and Associated Content. However, as many freelance writers have learned, when it come to online writing sites "older" doesn't necessarily mean better by any means! In the case of Info Barrel I personally feel that "newer" is fresher! Many are unaware of Info Barrel's varies benefits and wonder if they can make money freelance writing for a site so new to the industry.

Info Barrel, in short, is a "Shared Revenue Social Media Community" where freelance writers and other content publishers earn money through Google AdSense revenue. Info Barrel offers it's members 75%+ of the generated income that is produced by AdSense adds. This is in addition to contests which allow members to earn up to 90% of their monthly AdSense revenue, great contest with awesome prizes, and additional earnings from Chitika adds. Info Barrel is user friendly and you will rarely encounter technical issues when publishing your content. In addition the admin is extremely helpful, they usually respond to any questions that you may have within 24 hours and the community members are wonderful. If you havn't aleady signed up you can do so here!

Review of Info Barrel Earnings So Far

I had originally planned to write 30 articles in my first 30 days. However, that did not work out as time did not allow it. I tend to write longer articles and they take up a great deal of my time. Anyhow, I ended up writing 14 articles within my first month on Info Barrel.

I checked my Google AdSense account daily waiting for the time that I would log in and finally see that I had made some money. However, I did not see a single dime the 1st week, which is not surprising as my content was new. On the exact day that my articles had been up for 1 week I saw my fist glimpse of income. I had made .05, yes five cents! While .05 is nothing, I was still hopeful. It was better than 0.00 and who knows, with time 5 cents a day could turn into $5.00 a day, and $5.00 a day could turn into $50.00 a day.

From October 20th to November 20th, my 1st month, my earnings on Info Barrel were next to nothing- $7.23 to be exact. While these earnings are nothing to brag about, they do give you insight to an actual freelance writers experience.

After this point my earnings on Info Barrel did start to grow bit by bit. The increase was minimal but still it was growth. The most important thing was that my daily average was increasing. This is important because it proves that time is a key factor in how much money you will earn off of your articles. The longer you have them up the better they will do. The following 2 snap shots of my Google AdSense account show the increase in daily average between my 1st two weeks of generated income and my 2'nd two weeks.

AdSense Earnings Table 1aEarnings

As you can see, the highlighted two week daily average increased by .29 from the 1st two weeks to the 2nd two weeks. So although my articles weren't making great money the amount of money was increasing.

The following 2 weeks this growth continued. I put up 8 more articles for a combined total of 22 articles lets look at my earnings for the last 2 weeks of my six week review

AdSense Earnings

So now my daily average increased from .17 a day at my 2 week mark to .64 a day at my 6 week mark (highlighted above) .

Of coarse the amount is greater because I had posted more articles but the key point is that even if I hadn't that average would have continued to grow. If you are new to Info Barrel or any other site don't get discouraged if your articles are not making money at first, the money often takes a few weeks to catch up.

As of the day this review was written I had 22 articles up and over the coarse of six weeks had made a total of $17.65 through AdSense (Shown below).


Lets play around with the above numbers for fun! If I were to eventually have 100 articles published on Info Barrel and stay at the average stated above I would make over $80.00 a month and that is if my average stayed the same which is unlikely, it is pretty safe to say that it will continue to grow earning me well over $100.00 a month on 100 articles.

My current earnings as a freelance writer here are far from great but by sharing these not so impressive Info Barrel earnings we can see why many writers with similar experiences would feel compelled to give up. This is the perfect example of why many new freelance writers do not do well in the world of online writing, they don't see fast results and high amounts of money coming in so they quit. I could of said this was a waist of my time and moved on but I feel that with time my hard work will pay off, remember it takes time start earning so if you are new to this type of online freelance writing hang in there.

Let me give you this ray of hope, veteran member jcmayer777 earns over $500.00 a month on his 300+ articles here on Info Barrel, you can read about his article, My Info Barrel Experience, it's really informative. He gives a timeline stating the money he has made, amount of articles he has published, etc... He is proof that making money on Info Barrel is quite possible given the amount of time and effort that you put into it.
The key is sticking with it!

Jcmayer777 and x3xsolxdierx3x are actually both veteran members who have teamed up to share their knowledge and success in regards to Info Barrel in a soon to be published eBook: InfoBarrelSuccess. I myself am looking forward to reading it and learning even more ways to be successful not just with Info Barrel but with freelance writing in general. It may be something you'd be interested in whether you are a new writer or a more experienced writer as I hear it has a lot of useful information for freelance writers!

Overall Info Barrel Review

I have learned a great deal during my short time freelance writing for Info Barrel. The community has been most helpful and the admin superb. I have rarely faced technical issues which is important to me as a part-time writer and full time mom, I need to get things done quickly and I have no time for holdups due to technical issues so this is a great feature of Info Barrel. I love the way that the publication form and process is set up, it's quick and easy! Additionally, I really feel that members of Info Barrel exude characteristics important to a online community. Members produce high quality content and set a better standard for the online world of writing, making Info Barrel a reputable source to publish my content on. I see great things in the future for Info Barrel and it's members.