Why do many feel that freelancer writing is a terrific career? Freelance writers will tell you it’s because they are doing what they love. They are but there is a more than that if you dig a little deeper. This article outlines several things that make freelance writing a great career.


The hours for many writers are flexible. If you are writing part time and still have your day job you are not as flexible as someone else that has decided to take on the career as a full time pursuit. However, full time writers have very flexible hours. If you are on a roll and want to finish that last chapter for your eBook it may be 2am before you close shop for the night. You may start your day at 7am or 7pm. In addition, some of your clients may not be on the same time zone that you find yourself in. Therefore, you may be working along with their time zone which may be starting at 3pm your time.

 You have the ability to run your errands, make doctor appointments and still drop the kids at school and pick them up. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility to a large extent. You do have to make deadlines and produce content that you are contracted for. There are days when you may find yourself working 14 hours because of this, but you do have the flexibility that most careers don’t.


There is a mass of variety when it comes to writing as a freelancer. You can even write in different context such as blogs or websites as well as eBooks. Each client has their own form of content. You could possibly end up writing 40 to 50 different articles in a week’s time all on different matters and subjects.

There is flexibility with what clients you work with and what jobs you take or don’t take. Many of the online sites that allow you to bid on projects have a huge variety of jobs available for freelancers. You can write on blogs, websites, eBooks, articles and many other interesting works of written capacity.


The stability of your writing career is based on what you are willing to put into it. As a writer, how many hours per day would you like to work? How many jobs are you willing to work on? What are the fees that you charge? How many writing sites do you belong to that allow you to accept or submit assignments?

The stability of your writing career is really left up to the writer and how hard they are willing to work. You may have your freelance career that contains being a webmaster, blog master and freelance article writer. Do you also edit other work? Are you writing and publishing your own eBook? There is money to be made. However, the money income really depends on you as a writer.