freeloader - unfolded with attachments


- when packed away it is very sturdy, as the case is stong.
- very water resistant, and deals with water damage well - left mine out in the rain twice and it works after drying it.
- has a 1000mAh battery inside, so can fully charge most devices without sunlight (if it is charged).
- has attachments for practically everything!
- can charge from usb, so if you get the chance, you can charge it up quickly. or before you leave.
- well presented.


- when unfurled you can damage the solar panels.
- doesn't charge quite a few of the new nokia phones.
- need to get some attachments for it.

Full Review

The Freeloader is a great idea for camping and traveling; as you are able to charge most devices from it. It is worth looking into if you plan to travel for an extended amount of time and can't leave your gadgets behind.

In Closing

over all its a good sturdy device, and for its price is the best of it's kind.