What does the term Freeman On The Land actually mean? Different people may have a different definition then mine, but this is what it means to me.

I was born through the conception of my mother and father. I do not require a Certificate of Birth to prove I exist. I am here so technically speaking I must have been born. There is no reason that a piece of paper will prove I was born more than the living breathing human being that I am.

I have never agreed to be contractually obligated to be responsible for the Federal Debt. Therefore without my endorsement on a contract, there is no such contract in existence. If any entity seizes my wealth through my paycheck then that would be the definition of extortion.

I do not live at an address, occasionally I spend time at an address but I live wherever my body resides. Keeping track of what address you live in equates to having a cell number which must be given to authorities upon request. I do not live in a house. I do not live on a street. I do not even live in a city or State. I LIVE, that's it.

I do not have to prove I live to anybody! It is none of their business. I do not break any common laws. Codes and Statutes exist to control your strawman and they are not applicable to human beings.

I am not a person, I am not a citizen, I am a human being with all the rights to which I have given to me upon my birth. My rights do not emanate from government. In fact the government are all employees of both you and I. Not the other way around, they exist because we allow them to exist. We do not exist to serve them. It is the Governments duty as defined by their oath to Serve us.

The most powerful entity in the United States is not the President. It is not the Congress. It is not even the Supreme Court. The most powerful entity in the United states is us, We The People for without us to fund the Government they could not and would not exist.

As a Freeman On The Land I do not need any permits of licenses to engage in legal activities. I am not the property of the Corporation of the United States. I refuse to be collateral for an out of control spending federal Government. I retain my Rights that I was born with. I do not accept privileges handed out by the Government. I am the Government, YOU are the government. The only authority the Federal government has over us Free Americans is the authorities that We The People grant to it.

The Government serves and exists at our whim. We are the United States, not the government. Educate yourself as to your personal rights. Not having knowledge of the law is no excuse when dealing with our corrupt court system. So please take the time to research the strength and power of the Free American People. You have the power and We control the Government, not the other way around.