Treasure Chest(51526)Credit: Le Blagueur à ParisThe freezing food was one of the greatest revolutions in food preservation and convenience. Every day people go to the supermarket and buy big name frozen foods. Who says only food manufacturing companies can put money in their pockets by freezing food.

Whether you buy it from the supermarket, or made it fresh at home you can start freezing food for convenience, and to start saving money.


Everybody has leftovers every once in a while. So why not when make an extra-large batch of whatever delicious meal you're cooking up some night, and freeze the leftovers. Frozen leftovers will stay fresh longer than they would in the fridge. Frozen leftovers can keep for up to a month or two without any negative effect on the food. Some foods won't freeze as well as others, so it is good to experiment. Casseroles are a good example of a dish that will freeze well.

Beyond freezing entrees you can also easily freeze other homemade items to save time down the line. Cookie dough is another great homemade item you can freeze. Make up a big batch of cookie dough, bake some for yourself, and then freeze the rest. Depending on what type of dough you've made you can either make dough balls or roll and cut out the dough before freezing. Some cookie doughs might need thawing before baking while others do not and you can bake directly out of the freezer. Again a little trial and error will be necessary to get it right, but after that you can fill your home with the smell of fresh-baked cookies at a moments notice.

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Freezing food you buy at the supermarket can also help you to rack up some big savings. Everyone sees deals in the store for items you don't need quite yet. Then when you do need the item it's no longer on sale. Well with freezing you can just buy it any way. Buying items such as bread while they are on sale and then freezing them can result in a dollar or two of saving at the store depending on how fancy your bread is. For even bigger savings you can buy bread on its sell-by date when stores usually mark it down even further. If thrown into the freezer right away there should be no problem with the quality of marked down bread. Pre-shredded cheese is another item that freezes well for later use. Some people even freeze cottage cheese with no problems. When buying items to freeze just use your own judgement, and do some research on the internet to find out what items will freeze best.


Frozen Peas Corn CarrotsCredit: stevendepoloFor whatever you are freezing, make sure you use the proper containers. In general cheap plastic containers or zippered plastic bag will be fine. Just make sure that whatever kind of container you use is airtight, and be sure to remove as much air from the container as you can before putting it into the freezer to help maintain food quality.

Most people are looking for ways to save money, and even if freezing food will only save you some money a couple of dollars, or a little fo your time here or there it will all add up. If you use these methods and start freezing food before you know it you will start making some real saving, in time and money.