A cross breed between two very popular breeds, the Bulldogs and the Pug, is called the French Bulldog Pug. The crossbreed is also known as Frenchie Pugs or more commonly as Frugs. Dog lovers are fascinated by the Frenchie Pug breed and it is especially a boon for those who cannot decide between a French Bulldog for a Pug. You will be able to make out a French Bulldog due to its distinctive bat ears and a skull that this partially flat and partially domed. 

What Do I Need To Know About Designer Dogs?

Designer dogs are cross breeds between two popular breeds of dogs as in the case of Frenchie Pugs where people are not able to decide between two popular breeds. By choosing a designer dog, a dog owner gets the best of two breeds and does not need to have two dogs. They believe that the best traits of the two breeds will be present in the dog that they own.

How Big Will My Puppy Get?

The size of the dog will vary because the Pug is a small dog whereas the French Bulldog is a big dog. But it will definitely be smaller than the French Bull-dog and bigger than the Pug, with the size somewhere in between. If it resembles the French Bulldog parent it will be a big dog and if it is more like a Pug it will be a small dog.

What Will The Coat Be Like? 

The Pug has a double coat and the mixed breed usually also has double coat which also sheds heavily. The color can vary from light brown to a tan.

Are There Any Specific Coat Concerns Should Be Aware Of?

As stated earlier, the double coat of a Frenchie Pug will shed heavily and you need to be prepared to have lots of hair lying around in the house. You need to make sure that you brush the coat regularly to get rid of any dead hair.

What Will My Dog's Personality Be Like?

If you consider the temperament of the Pug and the French Bull-dog you will notice that they are very affectionate and sociable dogs. The mixed breed gets the traits of both the parents including the constant seeking of attention and playfulness. These dogs are very good with children and are also affectionate towards elderly people.

Some of them are bit reserved and they usually bark when they see strangers but other than that they remain very quiet. Sometimes the French Bulldog can be a bit stubborn and can also be difficult to train but on the other hand these dogs always remember what they learn and need to be trained very patiently using a lot of motivation.

How Much Exercise Will My Dog Need?

A short walk near the house and moving around the house is the only exercise that they need. It is important not to exert them too much when it is hot since it can cause health problems. If you have kids at home they will play with them and that will be enough exercise for the dog.

What Are Common Health Concerns?

French Bulldogs are prone to heart illness and diseases that pertain to the joints. They can also get spinal disorders and eye problems. They have a short nose and are very prone to respiratory issues ? you will find they wheeze and snore a lot and seem to have issues in hot weather. During the summer they are also liable to get heatstroke if they are subjected to too much heat. If they become obese they way have weight related issues including a swollen abdomen.

How Do I Know If These Dogs Are Right for Me?

The French Bulldog Pug mixes are good dogs to have if you have kids around the house since they love playing with children. They're very affectionate and lovable and you will never have any issues if you train them with patience. They have their share of health problems will include spinal disorders, respiratory issues, heart disease and joint related illnesses. They make for very good guard dogs and will protect you from strangers.