French country home decor allows you to add a lot of elegance to your home and then balance it with rustic style. You can transform the theme of your room with just a few shopping trips; just make sure that you stick to your budget. This lets you rethink how you live in and feel about your space. Here are a few tips for using French country home decor.

You can easily give any room a French country look with just a little toile fabric. You might just have a basic couch or bedroom set. This is great because you can change out your space without having to replace the most expensive items in it. You could start with a toile roman shade and then carry the theme onto the sofa pillows.

As for colors it really depends on the look you are going for and what you already have in your room. You can either go with sophisticated look that will just use a lot of neutral colors. In this case you'll want to pick up a white and black or taupe and brown print. If you want a traditional look with a country air then go with a blue and white or green and white toile. Finally you can also use these simple fabrics to add color to your space. If you want to cheer things up add red and white or a yellow and blue fabric. You can also mix these tones in with checks and floral patterns; for more sophisticated look just sticks with solids.

Another feature in French country home decor is the use of wrought iron. You could bring in a rustic chandelier that will be the focal point of your room. You can also pick up old gates or garden fences to use in your room instead of artwork. You can even find dining room chairs with iron details on the backs to really tie everything together. This is a lot more simplistic and evocative then just putting up a picture of the French countryside.

Another must have for this design style is painted furniture. The pieces should be oversized and intricate. You don't have to have an armoire in every room but they have a lot of different uses. It could be an entertainment center in a family room, a China cabinet in a dining room or a makeshift closet in a guest room. You'll want to use worn finishes on the furniture with creams, sages, and grays. You can even use black paint if the lines of your pieces have a lot of scroll work so it doesn't seem too modern.

The next thing you'll need to pick up is a mix of rustic and elegant accessories. Everyday items in this style of home decor should be special and subtle. Instead of going with the traditional floral arrangement try using lavender or topiaries for that elegant look. You can also add in your favorite crystal items to put the French in French country.

French country home decor can be sophisticated or it might just make you smile. It's a great opportunity to add a lot of style by just changing out a few items.