Installing French patio doors to your home will bring added value to your property; those doors are great looking, they allow to the light to enter inside your home and they are really easy to maneuver. Because they don’t have complicated mechanisms, like sliding doors, they are really durable and they will last for years. French patio doors are the touch of elegance and style your living room and your entire home needs. Add personality and charm to your property with some good quality details, like the patio doors.

 Materials For French Patio Doors

You can find such items made of wood, aluminum or composite materials. What’s typical for these is the small window squares in the upper part of the doors. Those windows let a beautiful light to enter, and they are full of character, unlike the impersonal, all glass doors. The ones made of wood require some maintenance. Whether they are covered with transparent varnish or with oil paint, you need to clean them with special cleaning products, specially design for wood. When you install them, just make sure that the rain doesn’t pour directly over the doors. If that’s the case, you should consider installing a small marquee on the exterior wall, above the French patio doors. This way, you avoid your doors being ruined by water and you also keep the water to infiltrate inside the house during heavy raining. Also, when it comes to wooden doors that are exposed to the exterior, you have to fix the sun and rain damages yearly. However, the effort pays off, because nothing looks better form inside your home or from the outside than French patio doors.

The ones made of aluminum or composite materials require far less maintenance then the wooden ones. All you have to do is cleaning them regularly with appropriate cleaning products. You also need to e really careful about not scratching them, because those scratches will be very hard (if not impossible) to fix. All in all, the wooden doors require more maintenance, but in the end they will last longer, because you can always polish wood and add a new layer of paint.

 How To Pick The Right French Patio Doors

When picking French patio doors, there are some things you need to consider. First of all, how is your patio oriented? If the doors will be facing south, don’t get them in a dark color. Because of the direct sunlight, they will lose color rather soon and you’ll have to paint them a lot. To avoid that, you can simply pick your French patio doors in a very light color, like white, ivory or pale yellow. If your patio isn’t paved and you have grass and flowers there, it means that a lot of dirt gets on your doors when it rains. In this case, you should dark colored French patio doors. If the dirt gets into the pores of a white, wooden door, it will look really bad and it will be practically impossible to clean. This is why you should get the doors in a dark, easier to clean color. If you have dogs and small kids playing in the patio, dark colors are also recommended.

How To Match French Patio Doors With The Inside And The Outside Of Your Home   

If you are installing new doors to the patio, they need to look good from the inside and from the outside also. Sometimes, the interior design and the outside look of your house require different colors for the doors. That’s not a problem – you can find manufacturers that will build you doors in the colors you need. You can order white on the interior side and brown on the exterior one. This way, you’ll be able to match your new doors perfectly and you don’t have to compromise in the style department.

When picking the doors for your patio, there are some things you have to consider. First of all, get them from reliable manufacturers, with good references and satisfied customers. You can read some online reviews to find out more about the manufacturers. Also, the French patio doors must be suitable for the climate. If where you live is warm and dry during the year, then you don’t have to worry a lot about the insulation. But, if you live in a climate with harsh winters or a lot of raining, you need to get well-insulated, waterproof models.