French style bedroom furniture is elegant and feminine. It might even remind you of your favorite high end hotel. You may just want to create that vacation to France that you never got to take right in your own home. This style focuses on ornate, oversized and quality pieces. It can be one of the most expensive design styles out there but you can recreate the look on a budget. Here are a few tips on what to buy and how to decorate with French style bedroom furniture.

Add in fabric elements. This furniture can often seem overpowering and oversized; especially if you have a four poster bed. You might have looked at it in the furniture store and fell in love with the set. Then you got it home and the delivery person even had trouble getting it into the room. You can't change the size but you can change the feel

A good way to counteract this is through the use of fabric. You can often find vintage French beds where both the headboard the footboard has been upholstered. You may be able to reupholster these in a variety of fabrics depending on your look. If you want a slightly more casual air to your room then go with a micro-suede or leather for a hint of rustic charm. For more of an opulent feel then stick with rich velvet. Go for Country French fabrics with a small floral or toile print.

Make up the difference in decor. You might want a French feel but because of budget constraints you can't afford new furniture. Instead, add in French elements. This will make sure that you get your own unique style and it will probably come out looking more contemporary which is great for a more masculine feeling. Try a plain upholstered headboard and then put a lot of molding on the walls. You can even put an oversized chandelier above the bed so you get the feeling of a French luxury suite without spending a lot of money.

Be over the top. You probably didn't pick this style of furniture because you wanted something subtle. Be bold with your color choices like using purple or red. Then add in glitz such as cornice boxes. You can accent your oversized poster bed with a canopy. This will keep your furniture from feeling dowdy or too formal because your personality will be in the space.

Bring in elegance. This will really create a French provincial feeling. Try using oversized, ornate mirrors as part of your decor. This will also bounce light throughout the room. Hang a crystal chandelier, use silk drapes and bring in gold accessories.

Mix up your existing set. You might not be able to afford an entire new bedroom set. So think about what says "French style furniture" to you. Buy that piece and make it work with the rest of your room. It might be an armoire or a chaise lounge. This can end up a lot more interesting than just buying a complete set and it's easy on the wallet.

Go funky. This is a great option if you are redoing a set for your teen daughter. You can find French provincial furniture at thrift stores because it was popular decades ago. Granted, these pieces won't be in the best shape but it's nothing a little paint won't fix. The important thing is to focus in on the scroll work to make sure that there are grand details that drive home this design style. You can make formal pieces French country just be painting them cream or butter yellow. You can even use this furniture in neutral rooms with white walls and beige carpet because then it won't seem so overpowering.

Turn it contemporary. You may have dreamed of having a four poster bed your entire life but your husband isn't too keen on a room looking too girly. You'll need to strike a compromise. Bring in his favorite chocolate brown colors on draperies or use a bright white comforter. It's possible to balance your styles so you both get what you want. The key is to clarify what is most important to you. You could even find a chandelier made out of small mirrors instead of a more formal crystal chandelier. Keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter and get that contemporary light and airy look.

You can also use this style of furniture in other rooms of your house. Try it in a guest bedroom. This room is smaller so only put in the absolutely necessary items like a bed and night stands. Dressers will just encourage them to stay longer anyway. For a country French look use painted furniture and light, feminine colors. You can also use it with most other colors. It can go from dramatic to neutral depending on your wall color. Your furniture may stay the same but your style doesn't have to.

Another area where this furniture really shines is in nurseries, teen rooms and little girl rooms. You might think that it's too sophisticated but really it's probably as durable as most other furniture. Plus, it also adds femininity to the room. Sure, all cribs look the same. That doesn't mean that you can't get an over the top dresser that she can use for decades to come. Painting the furniture white makes it more neutral and also ensures that you'll get years of use out of the same color. When your teen is a little older she may have her heart set on a hot pink or black dresser. Depending on how much you paid for the piece to begin with it can be an interesting experiment.

French style furniture can look elegant or you might want to go for a more of a French Country feel. It will always be the focal point of the room but you can change up your own design style. It also adds instant character to your room. This makes it the perfect solution if you don't have a lot of molding or interesting architectural elements in your space.