Out along the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada is where Tom Harper has built an amazing, one of a kind, sea farm. His sea farm is able to produce over two hundred different species of marine phytoplankton. His eight, million gallon tanks, draw in water from an area where sea water and fresh water meet. He is then able to re-create what happens in nature in his million gallon tanks and grow tons of marine phytoplankton. Tom initially began harvesting marine phytoplankton to feed to his shellfish. He became very well known in the area for the extremely large shellfish he was producing.

Not long after Tom got the sea farm up and running he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tom then began to get his affairs in order and prepared for his ultimate demise. One day when he was out at the sea farm, he decided to dip his fingers in one of the tanks and he ate some of the marine phytoplankton he was producing for his shellfish.  He started eating the phytoplankton every day and began noticing that he was feeling better and had more energy. Tom was also a diabetic at the time and his blood sugar levels came down to a normal range over time to the point where he no longer required insulin. He lost a lot of weight too. Tom went in for some scans just prior to some surgery he had scheduled.  After reviewing the results of the scans the doctors were amazed at what they saw and didn’t know quite what to make of it. They biopsied the areas where the tumors were and the results came back that they were now benign. Tom contends to this day that all the positive outcomes are due to his decision to consume his phytoplankton. Tom’s amazing story spread throughout the region quite rapidly as you would assume.

Tom’s incredible story is what eventually brought him and Ron Williams together. Ron was the president of a company that specialized in whole food nutrition called Forevergreen. They were in the process of developing a plant based whole food tonic when a mutual friend introduced Ron to Tom Harper. It was from this meeting that a partnership was formed and the marine phytoplankton based whole food tonic known as Frequensea was born. Frequensea takes the best from the ocean (marine phytoplankton) and some of the best plant based nutrients from the land and merges them together to form something that is truly amazing. Frequensea became and still remains today Forevergreen’s most popular product.  It has been consumed and enjoyed by millions of people around the world for several years now.

You may be asking yourself, so what is marine phytoplankton?  Marine phytoplankton  are single celled plants that are able to convert water, minerals and sunlight into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids. They are the world’s most ancient food source, the “vegetation” of the ocean and form the basis of life on the planet. They are consumed by the smallest and largest forms of life.  It is said that the whales that feed on these phytoplankton can live to be 200 years old.

What makes Frequensea so special? The marine phytoplankton harvested at Tom’s sea farm are produced all naturally (not laboratory engineered), boast a variety unrivaled anywhere else in the world and have a nutritional analysis that is second to none. They contain in concentrated form, almost everything that is needed to sustain life.  It is commonly understood, based on research conducted on indigenous tribes around the world that the closer you get to nature with the food you consume, the better able your body is able to recognize and transfer the nutrients to be absorbed by your cells. Marine phytoplankton are about as close to nature as you can get as they form the base of the food chain.

If Frequensea were nothing more than marine phytoplankton mixed with orange juice it would be a remarkable gift for your body, but Forevergreen didn’t stop there.  In fact, they added over twenty of the best ingredients the land has to offer as well, to make Frequensea a nutritional powerhouse. These additional ingredients are high in antioxidants and many other micronutrients.  Some of the other ingredients included in Frequensea  are:

  • Frankincense – A safe and natural anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancer.
  • Aloe Vera – Helps heal wounds and fight bacterial infections. Resolves mucosal issues in cells lining the sinus cavity, intestines and stomach.
  • Blueberry – High in vitamins, polyphones and anthocyanins (potent anti-oxidants). They help improve memory, relieve urinary tract infections and may protect DNA from oxidation.
  • Omega Oils – Help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Noni – Packed with nutrients like sterols, polysaccharides, amino acids, resins and anti-oxidants. Best known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Polysaccharides – Help prevent insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Ginger – Helps resolve indigestion problems.
  • Rose – Helps with libido, menstrual problems and mood.
  • Selenium – May help reduce the risk of cancer, thyroid problems, aneurisms, infections, heart disease and cardiomyopathy.

There are thousands of stories around the world of people who consume Frequesea and the health benefits they attest to realize for doing so.  One of the more common testimonials are those individuals who are diabetic that notice that their blood sugar levels come down over time when they are consuming the Frequensea.  Still others notice weight loss, allergy relief, increased energy, feelings of well –being, digestive problems elimination, improved sleeping and improved resistance and / or recovery from common illnesses. One man was put on blood pressure medication a couple of years ago for “unruly” blood pressure readings. Even with the medication it remained elevated.  He started consuming 2 oz of Frequensea daily and when he went it to have his blood pressure re-evaluated he was astonished to learn that it had come down to 110/72 which was perfect. Stories like this are not uncommon and it just goes to show us that the body is a self-healing system that can do amazing things if given the proper raw materials.

As you can see, Frequensea is something truly wonderful that you can do for your body and overall health and wellbeing.  It has been said that the body will perform miracles when properly edified and nothing edifies the body like Frequensea.