frequent flyer cardThough air-travel is an expensive affair yet travelling by an airline can be rewarding at times. The best reward that Air Travel offers is the time it saves, allowing a passenger to travel great distances in moments. Along with this Air Travel companies offer a special loyalty program such as the Frequent Flier Program (FFP) that offers added benefit from flying. Such programs are offered by almost all of the airlines.

Frequent Flier Programs let travellers earn special perks and rewards in return to their loyalty to any particular airline. Based on the records of the distance and class of the trips a passenger takes he can be awarded freebies that can be free flights or a class upgrade or a range of other rewards such as cars-on-rent or cabs, Hotels and spas or Gift cards. Some airlines go so far as offering special indulgences for frequent fliers, such as special lounges catering only to Frequent Fliers who have attained a certain number of points.

While browsing and researching for frequent flyer programs of airlines so as to choose the best program, it is essential to compare the rules and rewards. Some airlines' programs might require only credit card transactions as eligibility for FPP. Some may require the points to be redeemed within a fixed time period or a certain number of trips every year to avail these points. Very often airlines also offer free companion tickets as rewards.

Such rewards can add up to the experience of the fliers and their families and these programs can be more rewarding for those people who usually stick to any one specific airline company. However, these programs are not Department of Transportation’s responsibility and the company has the complete say as to how these programs work.

Whatever be the case these programs are free to participate and hence  are all profit schemes for the passneger. However keep this in mind while you are chosing the flight on the basis of its Frequent Flier Program- Anything for free should be free of the popular 'Conditions applied' tag. Choose the one whose 'conditions' are more feasible. The risks if any are always outweighed by the rewards and perks that the airlines offer and that every passenger stands a chance to claim.frequent flyer