Ideal if you are a serious traveler.
You can achieve good deals if you manage to accumulate enough points.
Easy to apply.
Very high rate of approval


You will loose your time if you don't do at least 5 trips per year.
Usually the "points' you achieve can only be used for specific trips.
Terms and conditions usually change a lot regarding this type of cards.

Full Review

Credit card issuers nowadays use several means to ensure that the credit card holders get to make purchases in a big but easy way. This is why they have designed all kinds of credit cards that are attractive and promising to offer cheap rates and good rewards. Good examples of such credit cards are frequent flyer cards. Most of these credit cards offer programs that reward those who travel more. You earn mileage credits for spending on airline tickets with frequent flyer credit cards. These cards are good for persons who travel a lot since they assist you to save money. The following credit cards are some of those that offer frequent flyer programs. An interesting feature is that points are earned for tickets purchased for your flights or for your friends and family.

The first of this kind is the Capital One ® No Hassle Miles Ultra - For Professionals card. This card offers you miles for money spent on travel. The card comes at a 0% introductory APR rate until May 2010 with a regular APR of 13.90%. However, you pay an annual fee of $39.00 and your credit rating is required to be excellent. The Capital One ® No Hassle Miles Rewards offers you the same rate though it does not require you to pay an annual fee. Capital One ® Orbitz ® Visa ® Platinum gives you extra points for purchases you make including for travel. They give you 3 bonus points for bookings and a point per dollar on the other purchases. These can be redeemed for travel which is good for frequent flyers.

Citi ® Premier Pass ® Card-Elite Level card gives bonus points for purchases made. Most importantly, they give a point for every mile you fly with any airline and another point for friend and family who fly with tickets purchased from your credit card. The card comes at a regular APR of 13.24% and an annual fee of $75. Miles by Discover ® Card offers you double miles every time you travel. These miles can also be redeemed for travel expenses made.

However, some cards are airline specific. An example is the Delta Airlines - Gold Delta Sky Miles ® Credit Card. This card comes at 13.24% APR and an annual $95 from the second year. It offers you 25,000 points for $250 on Delta flights. The Delta Reserve Credit Card and Platinum Delta Sky miles ® Credit Card also give you special offers for flying Delta airlines. These cards are very popular among those who have to get on the occasional flight.

In Closing